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I can tell you again that I'm a horror girl.But I still love art and singing and acting and cooking and lastly is fashion deshning.Those are the things I love to do.I have a brother named Oscar.He goes on this website just like me oh and he is only 7!And very crazy.but he is cute.I think this is the coolest website ever.if your reading this please enter this website.oh and boys come and kiss me.I love to sing so much especially beyonce songs like single ladies and halo. Ok bye


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One thing I really have to tell you is that I'm a HUGE horror girl like one movie is Chucky,Micheal Myers,Freddy, and Jason.Thats why I'm on this webbsite.Due!I just hope your having fun.This website really rocks from top to bottom.I go here every day.Well thats really all I have to say!

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