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89 / female / Wonderland :)

ill always be beside you, until the very end, wiping all your tears away, being your best friend, ill smile when you smile & feel all the pain you do, & if you cry a single tear, i promise ill cry too <3


Chatting with friends and play video games on playstation 3, 4 and xbox

Favorite Video Games

tekken,red dead redemption,bioshock, skyrim, call of duty, team fortress 2, midnight club, grand theft auto V,need for speed the wanted, and dead space 3.

Favorite Music

Eminem, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, ,50 cent,Wiz Khalifa, lil Wayne, nicki minaj, pitbull, demi lovato, Jessica mauboy, Cher Lloyd, wiz Khalkha, Avril Lavigne, p!nk, Kelly clarkson, Beyonce, Ti*** Alvord, and Taylor Swift

Favorite Movies

fast and furious, johnny english, salt, bring it on to win it, wrong turn 2 dead end, grave encounters, blade intrinity, hunger games, the avengers and man of steel

Fav. Tv Shows

big time rush, the Simpsons,ghost whispers, The Mythbuster, family guy, pretty little liars, and glee

Favorite Books

I don't read books :P

Favorite Quote

I'm a crazy girl and proud of it ! :D

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