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ok my favorite color is black im in to scary stuff i love animals i have 3 kiddys and one ginney pig i love sports and i love going outside i like any video game that is like shotting im not shy im very silent but not really im allways talking and i love playing with my friends lots of them r cool i get angry if somebody starts a fight if they punch or kick i follow along and start kicking and im fine but i really dont i tell i dont want to be in a fight i hate them i love to skateborad i think i spelled that wrong well im in the 3rd grade and im in gymnastics i go on tuesdays and thursdays to make on the team and sa***ays for tramp and tumble


i like scary paranormal shows about ghosts

Favorite Video Games

left4dead rampage

Favorite Music

kid rock

Favorite Movies

twighlight cloudy with a chance of meatballs and eagle eye

Fav. Tv Shows

amiricas best dance crew mtv cribs

Favorite Books

the graveyard book and horns and rinkels

Favorite Quote

my frights r really nothing but just the things that r scary r killers and ghosts

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