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15 / male / United States

I enjoy a lot of things, one day when I grow up I will make games myself or movies, and I like to draw, I like to do a lot of things.


drawing, music, games, video games, T.V., school, books, movies, and fun things

Favorite Video Games

too much almost every single game

Favorite Music

a lot, but mostly prodigy, noisia, u2, linkin park, muse, and more

Favorite Movies

I am legend, book of eli, aliens, predators, avengers, batman movies, Dc movies, Marvel movies, Avatar, sleven, irobot, 300, lord of the rings, and a lot more

Fav. Tv Shows

breaking bad, louie, JL, JLU, vikings, csi, ncis, dog the bounty hunter, and more

Favorite Books

the hobbit, lord of the rings, rendezvous with rama, mythology, and more

Favorite Quote

"love the life you live, and live the life you love"

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