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13 / male / Blackpool-England

i am 12, my name is cameron macwhirter, i live in blackpool in the uk, i have blonde hair and blue eyes and live near revoe park on bela grove. my facebook: my youtube:******in?feature=mhee my hotmail:!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=133363057!n=1148984917&fid=1


technoloy (machines),lego,mecano,carving,climbing,riding my bmx,running,parkour,football and other sports

Favorite Video Games

call of duty world at war,call of duty modern warfare,call of duty modern warfare 2,call of duty black ops,******ins creed,******ins creed 2,***asins creed brotherhood,kane and lynch dead men,bioshock,splinter cell and more

Favorite Music

nickelback,elvis presley,eminem,PSY,pink,maron 5, nicki minaj,linkin park and more

Favorite Movies

the mummy series,the expendables,sherlock holmes,the diary of the wimpy kid,little man,the matrix,terminator saga,starwars,twilght(yeh ive read the books and seen the films, problem?) ,***boy,knowing,war of the worlds,JAWS,die hard saga

Fav. Tv Shows

futurama,family guy,american dad and south park

Favorite Books

all(i love books)

Favorite Quote

if you dont try, you cant suceed

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