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19 / male / peterborough

im 19, 6ft , big built, i have 4 big tattoos, i like heavy metal and that kinda music i hate chavs and all the *** they listen to like drum and b*** and wot ever it is. i love snakes thats y i have one i also have a beared dragon,


reading books, using my laptop, riding motorbikes, scaring people with my 6ft snake lol and a hole lot of other stuff

Favorite Video Games

wot ever isnt boaring

Favorite Music

i got loads like slipknot, trivium, type o negative, bullet, rage against the machaine, 36 crazy fists, the list goes on i like a lot of heavy metal

Favorite Movies

horror, evil movies are the best lots of blood, gore the better

Fav. Tv Shows

dont watch tv to boaring

Favorite Books

by james herbert and some new authers no one has heard of

Favorite Quote

darkness consumes us all boardom kills dont like me dont talk to me

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