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17 / female / Another Dimension

Crazy. Daring. Annoying. Fun loving. music lover. Emotional. Adventurous. Rebel. Anime Lover. I appreciate Art and Music. I love Good people and someone whose sense of humor is Great. I am a dreamer and I write a lot. I am my worst critic because I want to be perfect in my eyes. I want to learn to love myself first. Yeah. Thats it. There is more to me but For now. Time out. If we are meant to be friends and cant be in real life then god will make us meet in the after life.


You name it, I love it.

Favorite Video Games

Lets just say...Anything that keeps me interested.

Favorite Music

I am a Gaga Swiftie. ;D

Favorite Movies

Horror And RomCom.

Fav. Tv Shows

Anime and RomCom.

Favorite Books

Romance is my Drug.

Favorite Quote

-Not All Stars Belong to the Sky. - If you cant Handle me as a caterpillar. You dont deserve me as a ***erfly. - I am not the one in a million type of a girl, I am the Once in a lifetime type of girl. -Society doesn't define your Beauty.

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