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19 / male / Las Vegas, Nevada

I like scary things Football and stuff I like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chargers and Jets I have blue eyes brown hair im 5'9 feet tall I play guitar and like starwars and stuff like that oh yea I like horror movies im am also like semi emo *check my youtube videos of me playing songs on my guitar*I play keyboard,gutiar,little bit of base,and a little bit of drums =D. I work at a Casino playing songs there.I've got a cool car Viper XD.BTW I don't go here much so it will take me a looong time to reply a pm. BTW pm me if you want a funny joke i can tell good ones!I QUIT ***


Guitar, TV ,computer. Girls =D

Favorite Video Games

Grand Thief Auto 4 Call of Duty Jak,1,2,3,4and,5 Rise to Honor

Favorite Music

Linkin Park, Slayer , Nightwish, Kings of Leon, Guns and Roses ,DeathNigh***ch, EscapeTheFate ,The Fall of Troy, Iron Madien, Metallica ,etc. I like all rock metal rap-rock and techno sound LEECH MOB

Favorite Movies

2012, Iron Man ,The Phone Booth ,The Strangers ,Friday the 13 ,Nightmare on Elm street ,Starwars

Fav. Tv Shows

Family Guy ,NFL Football ,Jersey S***,The Real world,Metal Mania,and WWE ,and Bleach

Favorite Books

*** magazine

Favorite Quote

-- racist one =D --White boys like godzilla but black pple like King ***--The leech mob--Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money they don't generate a lot of interest.--my girl friend------If Barbie is so po***r, why do you have to buy her friends?-- my sister

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