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19 / male / McAllen Tx

Frist my name is Edgar or Ed or Eddie and for the people who think they know me... you got something eles coming lol its a joke im a very likeable person,My cat thinks I'm the most fascinating person he's ever meet. first off I HATE liars and hypocrites! like people who are just themselves and dont really give a *** about what others say about them...or even in general. i dont judge on looks or shit like that cuz it dont matter 2 me. I like being around alot of people... but then theres the times when i just need to be alone to think or somthing I take time to listen to my family and of course my friends. I can be the nicest person you will ever meet i never get mad what can I say other than probably known to be very weird but thats ok. I mostly listen to Heavy Metal, Grind Core,

Favorite Video Games

Resident evil but not 4 or 5

Favorite Music


Favorite Movies

nightmare city

Fav. Tv Shows

not much tv

Favorite Books

Pagan ways

Favorite Quote

Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be.

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