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15 / female / United Kindom

Hey there my name is Karsynn-Cate. Yes its my first name. Im 15. My birthday is the best day of the year Halloween. I Love Horror games and the rush they give me. I Love riding on the rush. I'm Single. Well that's all i have to say. :3


Cookies. Zombies. Vampires. Black Magic

Favorite Video Games

Slender, Minecraft C.O.D Black Ops 2

Favorite Music

One Direction Black Veil Brides Escape The Fate

Favorite Movies

Megan is missing The Grudge.. Every one of them. Dark Skies Insidious

Fav. Tv Shows

InuYasha Black Butler Skins The Vampire Diaries

Favorite Books

Unwind Hotel Transylvania

Favorite Quote

"Some Pole Search their entire life for what we have and never find it. I wont give up. I'll fight for you. -Unknown Author

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