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15 / male / Totally, absolutely, not under your bed...

Ello everyone!! I'm Slenderkid123. I love music, internet, bands, and ***ing. Sws; Bvb; Ptv; Mcr; etc. are the best!!


Creepy Pasta's (Listening to them and making them :D) ***ing, Music, Bands, Internet, Instagram, Singing, Drawing, Being with friends, Percico, Pewdiepie, Cryaotic, KPopp, YouTube, Writing.

Favorite Video Games

Beyond: Two Souls; The Walking Dead; Infamous 1, 2, and Second Son;

Favorite Music

Panic! At The Disco; Sleeping with Sirens; Black Veil Brides; My Chemical Romance; Pierce The Veil; Avril Lavigne; Imagine Dragons; The Offspring; Green Day; Three Days Grace; All Time Low; Falling In Reverse

Favorite Movies

Grave Encounters; Amber Alert; Kill Bill Vol.; 1 Kill Bill Vol. 2

Fav. Tv Shows

Heroes; Being Human (U.K and U.S); The Office (U.S); Ao No Exorcist; Clannad; Baka and Tes: Summon The Beasts; Wilfred; MisFits

Favorite Books

Legend; Prodigy; Percy Jackson Series; FanFics; Big 1 Oh;

Favorite Quote

"We Think Positive!"~ MiGhTyDrAgOn What's depresision..? Depression is when, your drowning but, everyone else around you...Is breathing. ~ Unknown Wrists are for bracelets, not cutting~ Kellin Quinn Be who you are! Not someone you're not. Unless you're Batman. Always, be Batman. ~ Andy Biersack Don't be a salad. Be the best god*** brocoli you can be! ~ PewDiePie Honestly though, it's true.

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