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THE exmortis walkthrough..........You have just regained consciousness in the cold isolated woods. You have no memory of who or where you are. All you know is that you have a splitting headache, and the only way you will make it through the night without dying of exposure is by finding shelter. You are in luck though as you see an old house in a clearing. It looks aged and unoccupied, so you decide to shelter there until day break. [ Click on the front door of the house and you will approach the front door. ] Front Door [ Click on the right door to enter the house. ] Main Entrance You’re sheltered from the gale force winds inside the house, and going on looks the place doesn’t look any better from the inside than it did from the outside. You think you can hear a soft d


i have a joke for you, but you have to read it when you go to the game haunted trapped soul

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... dreams are emails for ghosts ......

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Everybody in their own imagination decides what scary is.

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im going to put a walkthrough to a new game every 15 days (or half a month smarty) and it will be only for scary games cuz those are the only ones i can figure out. also if ur having truble with a scary game.. odds r i have finished it and if not ill play it for you and ill give u a walk through. if u have a walkthrough you want me to put on my page and give me a pm with the subject:game walkthrou

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