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15 / female / U.S.A

You can find my profile on Deviantart DragonWolfGirl108. Or email me at I am a wanna be Goth emo parents wont let me. And I am blonde and a wolf lover hope to hear from you.


Goths emo people. Wolves, art, music, thoughts, fun, nature,

Favorite Video Games

Skyrim, Legend of Zelda games. And sim games. I like dragon age and anything fun

Favorite Music

a lot. I like Gothic music, heavy metal, punk, hard rock, screamo, everything including grunge and alternative. I like everything except gospel . I like some opera and I like some rap.

Favorite Movies

I don't really have a favorite. I like most movies from horror, action, comedy, and science fiction. I love mostly horror. I like to watch stuff based on true stories though

Fav. Tv Shows

Anime, and a few other things

Favorite Books

To many. I like Stephan King's novels, and I like House of Night series and ***s of Eternity series.

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