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15 / female / I Live In Hell With You Baby On Death Drive >:]

I am a person who talks to the voices! I am glad I will always have something to talk to! I am in love! I am happy I am who I am! I could be better! I could be worst! But I am me! And that makes me good enough! I love my little sister to death! If you ever mess with her I will be on your ***! So don't mess with her and we will be good! Have a nice day! >:]



Favorite Video Games

COD, Diablo 1 2 3, & Paper Mario!!!! <3

Favorite Music

Disturbed & Blood On The Dance Floor!!!! <3

Favorite Movies

I can't pick my favorite!!!! <3

Fav. Tv Shows

The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, & Rescue Me!!!! <3

Favorite Books

Who the *** reads books? How do you get a joy out of it?

Favorite Quote

Everyone is cute! <3 But I'm ugly!

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