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my Name is Nabil i'm 14 years old i love stories and movies about demons and ghosts i like to put smiley face when it is the first time that i know somebody in chatting :D i love beating records and i like to make good friends i'm a little bit shy :D i'm not very good in English but i can speak with you very will i like to get records in high scores games :D in games that needs fast like 60 seconds to live and locked room those one of my fav. games i like blue color :D that is my fav. i like games that makes player suffer like Outlast it is one of my fav. games i make levels on happy wheels i don't think that it is very good but they like it i want to travel the world i want to go to usa,uk,france,italy,germany,saudi arabia ... i want to grow up fast so i can rest in peace from school :D i want to be a programmer and be a important person i want to make the world united and peace :D with no wars i want Egypt to be the best country in the world :D

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