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14 / male / Egypt

my Name is Nabil i'm 14 years old i love stories and movies about demons and ghosts i like to put smiley face when it is the first time that i know somebody in chatting :D i love beating records and i like to make good friends i'm a little bit shy :D i'm not very good in English but i can speak with you very will i like to get records in high scores games :D in games that needs fast like 60 seconds to live and locked room those one of my fav. games i like blue color :D that is my fav. i like games that makes player suffer like Outlast it is one of my fav. games i make levels on happy wheels i don't think that it is very good but they like it i want to travel the world i want to go to usa,uk,france,italy,germany,saudi arabia ... i want to grow up fast so i can rest in peace from school :D i want to be a programmer and be a important person i want to make the world united and peace :D with no wars i want Egypt to be the best country in the world :D



Favorite Video Games

Outlast,call of duty , battlefield , red alert , scary games :D

Favorite Music

katyperry,Flo rida , britney spears , daddy yankee , BIGBANG , Beyoncé

Favorite Movies

the conjuring , harry potter , lord of the rings

Fav. Tv Shows

the mentalist , Nikita , super natural

Favorite Books

good stories books and horror books

Favorite Quote

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou

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