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18 / female / USA

I'm female and if you want to chat with me you can just don't ask me what grade i'm in and DON'T be perverted please and thank you and i will gladly chat with anyone and i like to play games,read,play the computer.i love my dog and playing with him,i like all the resident evil games,i like to play the games i have for my DSi and 3DS ,I love pokemon,i love monster high i am so big a fan i'm working on getting all the dolls,games and i know all monster high characters i am also working on getting all the monster high movies,i like to play the xbox, minecraft and i like alot more stuff but i can't name them all


alot of stuff that won't fit in this space

Favorite Video Games

resident evil 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 and sonic and pokemon and alot more just ask if you want to learn more

Favorite Music

Lady Gaga some christian bands and more

Favorite Movies

Monster high and tinker bell and pokemon and some horror movies

Fav. Tv Shows

Adventure time and pokemon and more

Favorite Books

Monster high

Favorite Quote

i don't have one

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