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13 / female / Do you think i would give that out to all the sick people out there

Isnt there enough info about me up there!??!??! Im not telling any info cause there are sick people out there. Okay here's one thing about me' i like rock music(i looooove Paparoach).And my name is do you think ill give my name out man. And if you want any more info on me you have to be my friend otherwise BACK OFF!!!!Thats all I'm telling.And I think Jacoby Shaddix is so ***y!!! What I like guys with tattoos!!And for all the people that dont know who he is your lose! And i like to go on youtube and watch Nigahiga,Shane Dawsone, and Shananay!!!!!!!! And im not a girly girl im a tom boy!!!!! And theres more bands I like.....The Fray,Cobra Starship,Lil Wayne,Pleasure P,new boyz,Beoncye,Maray Cary. Thats the ones I can think for right now.


ummmm... ROCK MUSIC ***O!!

Favorite Video Games

Rock Band 2

Favorite Music

Papa Roach, Green day, All American Rejects,Mettalica,Nickleback,Disturbed,Breaking Bengermen,Fall Out Boys,Paromore,Amberline,Hinder,Boys Like Girls,We The Kings,Trapped

Favorite Movies

Prom Night,My Bloody Valentine,Disturbia,Transformures

Fav. Tv Shows

Family Guy,ABDC,Scarred,George Lopez,King of the Hill

Favorite Books

The True Blood Series

Favorite Quote

i dont know like hi?????

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