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15 / female / london

im 15, and i hve loads of fun playin scary games im very funned in playin games which entertain me its always good have a try loool ! but i love it here on *** its fun there is more of a variety of scary games creepy games !!! BUT MOST OF THE TIME IM BORED!!!!!! cuz it not really exciting to be honest it need to be fun...........also i play on brit chicks buh tht is having a world makeover and they are takin ages like years it been more then 3 to 4 months arghhh... now im even more brd nower days lool now let me see what i should do now ...?? hmm... oooo..hospital surgery ...fun..and um.. yh thats it ..um.. yh add meee!! plz xx


scary films and scary gamesand swiming

Favorite Video Games

huanted trpped souls,scary sleep over.

Favorite Music

lady gaga,jakson r.i.p,

Favorite Movies

paranomal activities,grudge,fourth kid

Fav. Tv Shows

eastenders,the family,alan carr chatty man,friends

Favorite Books

goose girl

Favorite Quote

love scary staff so much and fashion ,love swimming so much could stay for hours in the pool

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