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17 / male / Australia

For starters my name is RaiOrdan -wellthatswhatmyfriendscallme- my real name's Rai Riordan. My name's pronounced as reye .......M'Just saying cause many people pronounce my name wrong. I'm a 17 year old guy who loves to have fun with friends, family, cl***mates and well just about anyone who's fun to be with. I'm a working student. I work part time at a Cafe Shop. i'm really glad i work there cause after i finish school i get really drowsy so i drink lots of caffeine there to wake me up. really hard though, cause of my job i only sleep for 4-5 hours a day and sometime i dont get any sleep but i'm happy :) i have the bestest friends a guy could ask for. well i dont know what else to write here.......uhhh thank you for reading my profile :D


Having fun :D and Bacon.

Favorite Video Games

FPS Games

Favorite Music

Fall Out Boy , Soul Punk

Favorite Movies

BeoWulf and All Resident Evil Movies and all the movies with zombies in it ~i love zombies

Fav. Tv Shows

South Park, Family Guy, American Dad and well, any cartoon/show thats funny

Favorite Books

Quantum Physics

Favorite Quote

My Fake Plants Died Because I Forgot To Pretend To Water Them

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