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17 / female / ... In the dark depths of your mind. killing you're brain cells.

!~Add me on Xbox 360: DerangedWhisper. I like to draw, and attempt to write poetry. I am me and I am weird. I am ***ual. I do have anger problems. I will accept all friend requests whenever I am on anytime.^^ *`---------~My heart only seeks for his soul, the beating of his heart belongs to me. John, I shall love him, forevermore! c: <3 ~-----*`


Sleeping, Xbox, Sharp things, Skateboarding, Drawing, My husband, Collecting.

Favorite Video Games

Sleeping dogs, Saints row the 3rd, Borderlands, God of war, Lolli pop chainsaw, Dead island, MW3,Grand theft auto V, SIMS 2,Pokemon, Dead rising 3, Impressive world, Wizard 101, Xyzzy, Ghost recon.

Favorite Music

Wolves in the throne room, OTEP, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Cherri bomb, Blood on the dance floor, Nirvana, Godsmack, Lily allen. B***hunter, Benny B***ini,Modestep,Flyleaf, Bullet for my valentine,Goyte,

Favorite Movies

Domino, Donnie darko, Zombieland, Scott pilgrim vs. The world. Warmbodies, Lion king,,Brother bear, Balto,

Fav. Tv Shows

Ghost Adventures, The walking dead, Futurama, MLP.

Favorite Books

The vampire academy, Demon in my view, Scars, Lord of the dead.

Favorite Quote

-P***ion is a rare and lovely thing, the true p***ion of youth and hope. It is a pebble dropped into a stagnant pond-- it is the striking of an unheard bell. And yet as ripples die, and echoes fade, so too is p***ion a fearful state-- for we all know, or we soon to find out, that happiness remembered is the worst of unhappiness of all-

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