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17 / male / The Heck?! you a stalker or somethin'?

ok, first of all my name is Doug not mark. everyone calls me mark 'cause of my Username "CursedMark" to make it clear, i'ts CursedMARK mark as in "a burn MARK" GET IT?! if you don't then your doctor must've dropped you and hit your head when you were a newborn baby... I'm hot headed, i always find something to be mad about and im actually not that "friendly" but my friends are the only one who knows how to deal with me and also their the only one that makes me happy,laugh...I love my friends, their like family to me... so if anyone tries to mess with them, there will be blood. i once got expelled for beating up some senior students for teasing my friends when i was just a freshmen at our school. okaaay im gonna stop writing stuffs about me before anyone gets too scared to add me as thei


Playing Extreme PaintBall with my friends, basketball!!!, even though i'm the only one who's enjoying it

Favorite Video Games

Wreck-it Ralph. -what? i like retro games so *** off!

Favorite Music

I'm Startin' my own band >:D

Favorite Movies

I like any movie that includes - guns, bullets, blood, zombies, killing, ghosts, crazy killers, and violence.

Fav. Tv Shows

Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad and loads more.

Favorite Books

Books that are either scary or anything that's actually fun to read.

Favorite Quote

I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

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