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17 / male / O Canada

The name's Ram, I was born at a very young age, Football/Hockey/Basketball are among the sports I like, I LOVE Eating ( I cannot stress that further ) So i Lift Weights and Run to balance that out, I'm a Recovering Chocolate Addict, I like the colour Red, I have a Doppelgänger somewhere on this earth which of whom i want to meet and destroy, cause there can only be one Ram, I'm a Heavy sleeper and can sleep through an earthquake, I can play a captivating guitar and a mean piano, Love to go for movies, I once practiced twerking in front of a mirror (don't ask why), I put ketchup on almost everything i eat, I'm an introvert at heart but love to go out and welcome the company of others, I wake up in weird positions, I am DEATHLY scared of cöckroaches, I have this condition called "DermatoGraphic Urticaria" which lets me write on my skin, I always follow what my gut tells me, which is to eat, I can Burp Loud, Ghosts are REAL, I can't lick my elbow, 2 year Keg Stand Champion.


Eating, Sleeping, Weights, Eating, Not so much studying, Pizza, Movies, Did i mention Eating? That too, Cooking, Baking, Playing cl***ical music pieces

Favorite Video Games

Wreck-it Ralph, Mario, Crash Bandicoot -Retro games in general

Favorite Music

I'm Startin' my own band >:D

Favorite Movies

I can sit through any movie, or will at least try

Fav. Tv Shows

Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, South Park and loads more.

Favorite Books

I fell in love with Crime/Thriller Books lately, I would love some suggestions

Favorite Quote

I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

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