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What are achievements? Achievements are goals found within games on GameShed. Load up a game with an achievement and complete the described task to earn points and unlock a badge within your profile, viewable by other users.

What's a BadgeRush? A BadgeRush means that you are in the first 7 players to unlock a badge. You will be awarded with 5 extra pts for each BadgeRush earned.

Help! I didn't get a badge! Make sure that you login first BEFORE starting the game.

Be in the first 10 players who unlockes any of the badges below and earn 5 more extra pts for each badge earned.

40Chef's Hat badgeChef's HatAll in-game achievements completed in Cake Pirate

70Seeing Stars badgeSeeing Starsall levels completed in Kullors

70The Immortal badgeThe ImmortalAll in-game achievements unlocked in Knightfall

70Legendary A-bot badgeLegendary A-botStay alive for 2 minutes during the last wave in A bot

70Red Moon Deity badgeRed Moon DeityComplete the game without dying in Red Moon

15The Zodiac badgeThe Zodiac57,000 highscore on Time Run mode in Starlight

40Offroader badgeOffroaderEarn three stars on all levels in Offroad Safari

70Long Jump Maniac badgeLong Jump ManiacBreak 2200m on long jump in Monster Truck Maniac 2

40Divine Powers badgeDivine Powers100 kills with the Artifact 19 in a single game in Thing Thing Arena 3

40The Boss from Outer Space badgeThe Boss from Outer SpaceDefeat Alien Boss. Continues are allowed in RetroShoot

games with badges

Ninja Hunter BloodMoonTrack your progress: Please Log In airborne killer badge  perfect defense badge  chainslasher badge  temple savior badge  samurai scholar badge  survivor badge

Multidirectional shooting game with a twist and lots of upgrades and enemies typesVel BlastTrack your progress: Please Log In bullet absorber badge  unleashed fury badge  killing spree badge  phase 15 badge  endless enemies badge  phase 25 badge

BobulousTrack your progress: Please Log In bobuliciuos badge  the battle has started badge  invincible captain badge  return home badge  z-energizer badge  gold digger badge

farmBee Track your progress: Please Log In busy bee badge  fly by night badge  day tripper badge  pollen master badge  perfect game badge  bee-gonias badge

DuckLife Track your progress: Please Log In toasted badge  getting there badge  king of ducks badge  big eater badge

Panda's Bigger AdventureTrack your progress: Please Log In the man with two names badge  moonshine badge  the black duckling badge  juice master 3000 badge  critters hunt badge

turn based strategy flash game with planesSteamBirdsTrack your progress: Please Log In achtung spitfire badge  top hats for everybody badge  air marshal badge  wing commander badge

Valthirian ArcTrack your progress: Please Log In academy of heroes badge  excalibur badge  sons of god badge  a hero's journey badge  tournaments of value badge  divine intervention badge

Mechanical Commando 2Track your progress: Please Log In trooper star badge  firework master badge  mission accomplished badge  unstoppable badge  mountain o' medals badge  golden commando badge

platform game with huge maze levelsRobot Wants KittyTrack your progress: Please Log In blasting aliens badge  let the eyes have it badge  beep boop badge  furry love badge

PrimaryTrack your progress: Please Log In like a boss badge  ice cream headache badge  jacksmacked badge  hue orb collector badge  level 15 time trial badge  where's my coloring book? badge

cute matching game with some unique twistsBlockiesTrack your progress: Please Log In blockiebeginner badge  blockienovice badge  blockieace badge  blockiepro badge

ShellCore Command Episode 1Track your progress: Please Log In newborn badge  phat lewt badge  midcore commander badge  dogfighter badge  shell core commander badge  hardcore badge

creepy puzzleForeign Creature 2Track your progress: Please Log In the self-murderer badge  sin' sing baby badge  doctor fobia badge  canine leptospirosis badge

Zombie TerminatorTrack your progress: Please Log In the healing serum badge  exploding zombies badge  escape albatros badge  zombie terminator badge