games with badges

Legend of Pandora retro top-down role playing adventure game trainer force badge pandora explorer badge gold keeper badge dark forces slayer badge pandora pwnage badge silent rage badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Zombie WTF retro puzzle game with zombies deadly reflections badge just take it literally! badge zombie to the rescue! badge lesson 2: dodging traps badge timing is everything badge cause zombies don't die! badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Stork Shot do it properly badge you suck badge sushi tonight badge 10 dead on delivery badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Crazy Over Goo warming up badge feeling love badge obsession badge jewelry badge save the girl badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Flood Runner Armaged... loser badge maxing multiplier badge lord of the bog flies badge ancient history badge clouds runner badge tortoise slayer badge flying squirrel badge super combo badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Laser Ruse explorer badge endurance badge miscellaneous badge collector badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Hurry up bob 50 m badge no offence badge hot butt badge 500 m badge sand of time badge silent assassin badge metalhead badge 5000 pts badge it's hurt badge lucky bob badge caveman killer badge 1000 m badge mass murder badge i hate hedgehogs badge turret basher badge turret destroyer badge cute bob badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Paranormal Shark Act... that was delicious! badge aquaman badge atomic hoarder badge fists of fury badge hatrick hero badge icarus badge kengaroo style badge superstar badge amazing streak badge sticky! badge ????? badge that was close badge who wants to be a milionaire? badge daredevil badge lucifer's hammer badge roger rabbit badge superman badge weapons of mass destruction badge captain ahab badge ubermensch badge victory cry badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Farm Fight meet the junior badge grass lover badge pro-peace badge evader badge gotta have them all badge expert farmer badge botanist badge i don't mind! badge here comes penny-pockets badge don' touch my crops badge well rounded badge master harvester badge half way hero badge master combatant badge ultimate farmdefender badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Echoes Act 1 a uen commander badge bloody hybrids badge rage quit badge i'm a survivor badge adventurer badge medal of honor badge lord of war badge bukakke badge i'm deux ex machina badge never give up badge Track your progress: Please Log In

BigTree TopGun the taste of victory badge ooooh, shiny! badge bring it on! badge whip out the bugspray badge it's over 9000! badge strong will badge all our holy fruit are belong to us badge fully armed badge perfection badge the only good bug is a dead bug badge mission impossible badge Track your progress: Please Log In

The humans are dead war advisor badge combat overpower badge roboerectus badge arthropods badge neanderdigithal badge roboergaster badge evolution rush badge weapon of mass destruction badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Gearlock the beginning of a new journey badge Track your progress: Please Log In

The Insanity 2 horror point and click the dirty secret badge light within the darkness badge no escape badge Track your progress: Please Log In

Catnarok Longcat Ram... first powerup badge shoop da woop! badge wryyyyyy! badge meet waha! badge level 40 destruction badge awesomeness: 1.5 million badge Track your progress: Please Log In

faq section

What are achievements? Achievements are goals found within games on GameShed. Load up a game with an achievement and complete the described task to earn points and unlock a badge within your profile, viewable by other users.

What's a BadgeRush? A BadgeRush means that you are in the first 7 players to unlock a badge. You will be awarded with 5 extra pts for each BadgeRush earned.

Help! I didn't get a badge! Make sure that you login first BEFORE starting the game.

Be in the first 10 players who unlockes any of the badges below and earn 5 more extra pts for each badge earned.

40badgeCake PirateGame completed in Cake Pirate

15badgeZombie TerminatorComplete all chapters without dying (you or your comrades) in Zombie Terminator

15badgeYellows 'n Blues TwoComplete level 20 with all YELLOW stars and all BLUE stars in Rollin' Paint 2

120badgeHero's Trusty Hand DrillAll in-game achievements completed in Knightfall 2

70badgeCause Zombies DON'T die!Complete all levels without dieing in Zombie WTF

70badgeBlackbeard the PirateScore 550.000 points on admiral difficulty in Treasure of Cutlass Reef

15badgeDogfighterWin a Skirmish battle on hard difficulty in ShellCore Command Episode 1

40badgeBukakke in Echoes Act 1

70badgeMachinegun ManiacComplete the bonus mission using a broken machinegun in Redshift

40badgeMushrooms for Gold10 gold medals earned in Mushroom Farm Revolution