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I played this game years ago but something must be wrong with it now.
LV 5Victros(4 years ago)
true so true magic bullet
LV 8ekim99(7 years ago)
when i just played (not for the first time) there where no zombies i thought wat the hell :S
LV 6familyguyfan(7 years ago)
LV 8cameron(6 years ago)
No zombies and no hard metal music there is something wrong with this game i played it before and now its messed up.
LV 3Trapper11747(5 years ago)
Nevermind, suddenly I could play it.
LV 5Victros(4 years ago)
Finally I have found this great game again.
LV 3Algrael(4 years ago)
Love the music to this game
LV 4Nightshade(4 years ago)
This game is awesome it's soundtrack is awesome and it's game play too but sometimes it does get boring.
LV 2Miasma666(3 years ago)
halloween is over already!!!!
LV 2wolfgirl(6 years ago)
it a vacume cleaner.....
LV 10magicbullet(7 years ago)
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