Zombie Frenzy

Zombie Frenzy is an fast-paced action arcade flash game where you have to kill zombies using some awesome arsenal and to developed by Dave Munsie
Zombie Frenzy has been developed by Dave Munsie
Some workers from an bio research facility dropped chemical substances into a local creek and now the locals are turning into zombies. Grab your weapons and let's kick some serious zombie ass!
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Game Reviews

Usually I don't play shooting games, but this one is fun!
cool game :) love it <3
too bad I broke the mouse for my laptop -.-
Nice graphics, love the music. Easy but addicting!
easy game but i love that music!! \m/
Yes,I Think So
this game is asomeee bot your rite geminate after a wile the game is boreing i got a gold on the arkade but could not get a gold on ca,nate y do we have to realod is there a reload button or some thing
yeah awesome!!
LOL if i could do anything in the whole world is to shoot zombies!!!!! :3
Not really a fun game. Asks for too many points for the medals. Could be way better. :l
better then counter strike 1.7 :p
heck this game got me half the points that i have now like this game is awsome!!
heck i like this game it is ....kewl....
Medals are too easy to get. Gun upgrade is bad for your score (as it easily breaks the combo). Could use other gun upgrades or extra lives upgrades.