Pillow City: Revelation

Pillow City: Revelation is an zombie killing sidescroller developed by SmallFarm Studio
Pillow City: Revelation has been developed by SmallFarm Studio
My name is Hiro. I moved to Pillow City together with my little sister after we tragically lost our parents. Things been working out pretty well for us so far and I managed to find a job in the game studio. Little did I knew that this will be the day that everyone will turn into zombies. I must find my sister as fast as possible!
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Game Reviews

i like the title
LV 5SwiftBombzz(4 years ago)
this is definitely a game worth playing
LV 9moterthemomo(4 years ago)
2nd chapter is WAY too hard,and zombies in general are way more powerful than you,like normal zombies that have 3x better range without any melee than player with melee wpn. and player walks too slow compared to the zombies
LV 18Maskota(4 years ago)
i like this game :D
LV 2gudang31(4 years ago)
this game looks awsome and i looove blood and gore >:D
LV 1tristan43212(4 years ago)
this game is kind off glitchy too, when the road has zombies and you wait until the zombies come (before you click yes) you can still go to camp
LV 1manglemix(4 years ago)
tottaly worth my time very fun game
LV 4penguin999(4 years ago)
i love this game
LV 4penguin999(4 years ago)
why is the name pillow city? But still an awesome game
LV 1manglemix(4 years ago)
This game is legit. I do good deed and plus 1 your comments :)
LV 4CorpralGamer(4 years ago)