MetalHead Zombies

MetalHead Zombies, a freeware game developed by StarvingEyes
MetalHead Zombies has been developed by StarvingEyes
Shoot the zombies and carefully watch the life meter at top of the screen, If you get hit 4 times in a row, you go down. If you get far enough you can buy perks which give you special abilities.
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Game Reviews

Has anyone ever noticed that the one zombie looks like Marilyn Manson a little bit? And I made it to level 19, considering I could have gone on for longer but I got bored.
LV 1(6 years ago)
zombies for the win lol
LV 1(7 years ago)
inFAMOUS97 i find u in almost every game i play dude x) lol me and u play almost the exact games
LV 1(7 years ago)
Zombies!!! Zombies!!! yes
LV 9killamachine001(7 years ago)
BOOM squirt zombie dies i win!
LV 4inFAMOUS97(7 years ago)
now thats wat i am takin bout a good horror game its funny when there heads explods the reason y its funny well it scared my brother lol it was funny
LV 5thegothside(7 years ago)
hard in this mug
LV 1kentonfrost(6 years ago)
The visuals are kickin'!!
LV 4DarkSyn(6 years ago)
now playing
LV 3JohnsonFong(6 years ago)
crazy game
LV 1yarub99(6 years ago)