Zombie Games

Play 'Delicious Cortex', a strategy based killing game with zombies developed by Sebastien Benard

by Sebastien Benard

Slaughtering humans have never been so fun! Join the Evil Lord of Terrible Darkness and his army ...
Play 'Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak', a point and click game with horror theme developed by ScriptWelder

by ScriptWelder

The second game from the clever anti-escape series by Scriptwelder is here. This time you have to...
Play 'Mad Father', a freeware horror adventure game developed by Sen

by Sen

Explore Drevis's manor, a cursed place in Northern Germany where strange experiments have been co...
4.81download required
Play 'Zombo Buster Rising', a single-screen zombie shooting game with upgrades and challenging levels developed by Steven Aang. This game features badges.

by Steven Aang

Medan, The City of Darkness has been infected with a serious disease which turns humans into zomb...
4.72badges enabled(30)
Play 'War Zomb Avatar', a post apocalyptic action games with zombies and blood developed by BSA Game

by BSA Game

War Zomb Avatar is an excellent base defense shooting game with zombies and tons of blood. The ci...
Play 'Earn to Die', a great car game with zombies and tons of upgrades developed by ToffeeGames Studio

by ToffeeGames Studio

Choose a car and start kicking some zombie ass! Spend your well earned money to upgrade your car.
Play 'Decision 2: New City', a post-apocalyptic top-down shooter game with zombies and creepy atmosphere developed by FlyAnvil

by FlyAnvil

The action-packed shooter strategy game is back with more challenging missions, more areas to sea...
Play 'Zombocalypse' developed by John Funtanilla

by John Funtanilla

In the year 2012, the world has gone to chaos and zombies roam the streets hungry for blood. Kill...
Play 'Zombotron', a Awesome zombie shooter game with physics developed by Ant Karlov

by Ant Karlov

During the colonization of the planet Zombotron humans built some laboratories to create robots t...
Play 'Rebuild 2', a tycoon game with zombies developed by Sarah Northway

by Sarah Northway

Reclaim a city from the zombie hordes while managing supplies, housing and morale.
Play 'Zombie Trailer Park' developed by Kaiparasoft

by Kaiparasoft

Protect your Trailer Par from waves of angry zombies! Create buildings and devices and spawn vari...
Play 'Evilgeddon Spooky Max', a top-down action shooting game with tons of monsters and impressive guns developed by Steven Aang. This game features badges.

by Steven Aang

Your hometown, Davouk City, has been conquered by three evil monsters and it's up to you to free ...
4.60badges enabled(30)
Play 'Undead Isle: Chapter 1', a first person shooter game with zombies developed by MartianGames

by MartianGames

First person survival horror game taking place on a mysterious island whose inhabitants turned in...
4.60Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Dead Zed', a Post-apocalyptic shooting game with zombies and to developed by Dmitry Kurteanu

by Dmitry Kurteanu

You woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The broadcast said that you'll have to hold up ...
Play 'Zombotron 2', a physics based zombie killing game with great gameplay and atmosphere developed by Ant Karlov

by Ant Karlov

Help our protagonist to escape the zombie infested planet. Shoot your way out of this God forsake...
Play 'Decision', a top down zombie shooter flash game developed by FlyAnvil

by FlyAnvil

The entire world is under zombie domination and you are one of the few survivors left. Try to fin...
Play 'Toxie Radd 3D' developed by XPlored

by XPlored

In Toxie Radd 3D you play as Joe, an ex-inmate used as a specimen for a mad experiment .Your miss...
Play 'Range of the Dead', a zombie shooting sniper game developed by Evil Dog

by Evil Dog

Test your sniper skills in this great zombie shooting game. The game wants to be pretty realistic...
4.56Mozilla Firefox only