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Zombo Buster Rising is a single-screen zombie shooting game with upgrades and challenging levels developed by Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto & Hanrianto Tan and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.Zombo Buster Rising killing defenseby Steven Aang - Medan, The City of Darkness has been infected with a serious disease w...14.81
Mad Father is a freeware horror adventure game developed by Sen & Vgperson and playable on GameShed.comMad Fatherscary adventure rpgby Sen - Help our protagonist, Aya Drevis to save her father from the devilish creature...14.80
Earn to Die is a great car game with zombies and tons of upgrades developed by ToffeeGames Studio and playable on GameShed.comEarn to Die upgrades carby ToffeeGames Studio - Choose a car and start kicking some zombie ass! Spend your well...14.69
Decision 2: New City is a post-apocalyptic top-down shooter game with zombies and creepy atmosphere  developed by FlyAnvil & Denis Kukushkin and playable on GameShed.com. This game features highscores.Decision 2: New City killing shootingby FlyAnvil - The action-packed shooter strategy game is back with more challenging mis...14.67
Zombocalypse is a  developed by John Funtanilla and playable on GameShed.comZombocalypse action shootingby John Funtanilla - In the year 2012, the world has gone to chaos and zombies roam the...14.66
Zombie Trailer Park is a  developed by Kaiparasoft and playable on GameShed.com. This game features highscores.Zombie Trailer Park monster defenseby Kaiparasoft - Protect your Trailer Par from waves of angry zombies! Create buildings...14.63
Rebuild 2 is a tycoon game with zombies developed by Sarah Northway & EvilKris and playable on GameShed.comRebuild 2managementby Sarah Northway - Reclaim a city from the zombie hordes while managing supplies, hous...14.62
Zombotron is a Awesome zombie shooter game with physics developed by Ant Karlov and playable on GameShed.comZombotron doomsday physicsby Ant Karlov - During the colonization of the planet Zombotron humans built some labor...14.62
War Zomb Avatar is a post apocalyptic action games with zombies and blood developed by BSA Game and playable on GameShed.comWar Zomb Avatardoomsday platformby BSA Game - War Zomb Avatar is an excellent base defense shooting game with zombies a...14.61
Evilgeddon Spooky Max is a top-down action shooting game with tons of monsters and impressive guns developed by Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto & Hanrianto Tan and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.Evilgeddon Spooky Maxtop down shootingby Steven Aang - Your hometown, Davouk City, has been conquered by three evil monsters ...14.60
Ascension is a psychological horror game with great gameplay and tons of monsters developed by Magnesium Ninja and playable on GameShed.comAscensionscary downloadby Magnesium Ninja - Ascension is a horror game with an emphasis on atmosphere and stor...14.60
Range of the Dead is a zombie shooting sniper game developed by Evil Dog and playable on GameShed.comRange of the Deadsniper shootingby Evil Dog - Test your sniper skills in this great zombie shooting game. The game want...14.58
Dead Zed is a Post-apocalyptic shooting game with zombies and to developed by Dmitry Kurteanu & Egor Kurteanu and playable on GameShed.comDead Zed doomsday shootingby Dmitry Kurteanu - You woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The broadcast sa...14.57
Zombotron 2 is a physics based zombie killing game with great gameplay and atmosphere developed by Ant Karlov and playable on GameShed.com. This game features highscores.Zombotron 2 physics platformby Ant Karlov - Help our protagonist to escape the zombie infested planet. Shoot your w...14.57