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so you first go outside and grab the axe and the wood then there should be a mushroom on the bottom right corner, then grab a chain that should be hanging out side on the cabin( the garyishe thing) then go inside grab the rope hanging on wall. then turn left u should see a hanging herb on a hook grab it, then turn left again n search for a key on the coat then under the bed theres a small goldern key. open all four drawers till u find a lighter/ tinderbox. turn left again grab the potion flask on the table. place wood under pot in fire place then light up the wood with the tinderbox. then open hidden door underneathe(its on the floor should be a brown floor board) the fire place grab meat and spice. then turn right twice. cut up the table with the axe.then collect planks. then use small golden key to open the small chest. turn left, close the window, lock it, then board it up with planks then nail it. turn right twice close the door, lock it with the silver key, push the book case on the door to block it.( click on the bottom of the shelf to move it). turn right, then place the spice, herb, mushroom in the pot,then use the potion flask on the pot, spill the potion on the meat in your inventory. turn left twice then hang the meat on the hook. then chain yourself, then rope yourself then click on the hour glass in your inventory. hope tht helps :)
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Tis not a bad game at all, quite interesting indeed. The very fact that you can choose to only do a few of the actions and how it affects the outcome plays out really well.
for a calm night go and get the ax and mushroom and wood outside then go to the bedroom shut the shutters an bolt them the get the two keys from under the bed under the coat and then get the match box from the third drawer the go start a fire grab the bottle put the wood under the kettle then use the match box to start the fire the look through the trap door on the ground grab the spice and meat THEN BE SURE FOR THE POTION TO WORK GRAB THE HERB NOT ROOT THE N PUT THE HERB MUSHROOM AND SPICE IN THE POT THEN COLLECT THE POTION then use the gold key and unlock the chest and go back out side grap the chain go back in grab the rope silver key locks the door the click the book shelf tho block the door then use the hammer and nails afetr chopping up the table by the hook place those boardes by the windo then nail them by clicking with the hammer put the potion on the meat then hang it up on the hook the n chain and rope your self and click the hour glass and BAM calm night achevment be if it works be my friend on game shed
Nice game. I still can't get the "calm night" badge. :(
i tried everything to get the 'calm night' it still cant get it :(
It wasnt boring it was fun!! you just need to know what to do... its was a nice game
hey...pssstt....guys...I got the calm night achievement! (and WITHOUT a walkthough,I might add) when you make the potion,use the mushroom,the spice,and the herb.the root is useless.just put thepotion on the meat before you put it on the hook and the potion will have effect :D
i like this game. u dont see many DONT escape games. it has that unique twist.
about potion making : - put spice - and put herb - and last one put mushroom - dont add 'root'(brown color herb look alike) in your potion making. - then take should have a really great potion that makes a werewolf feels dizzy. *for those who are aiming for 'a calm night' badges* i already got 'a calm night' but i don't get the badges..wonder why..hmm..
whooooooo good game!
That is a well made game, great story.. if only it was longer, so I could enjoy it. Really loved the atmosphere though :D
did not think to use potion on meat instead of drinking.... ty for the walkthrough! gg