Love at first bite

Love at first bite is an visualnovel about love developed by KoltonKennedy
Love at first bite has been developed by KoltonKennedy
A fun visual-novel game about the love between a regular high-school student and Hanako, a girl with a disturbing secret.
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Game Reviews

Very nice visual novel. For a moment, I thought Hanako would eat Ryoto but it's an unusual type of VN. It's good
One of the better VN's out there.
this is a very nice VN
i luv anime ^.^ great VN
Oh my fookin god this was so dam cute i kept fangirling. This is better than fanfiction. I LOVED THIS!! PLEASE MAKE MORE!!! <3
VN is a really good game
love,romance, oh gosh, I love it,the graphics, everything,it's amazing!!
Very good, something different on the site! Thumbed up.
i very much enjoyed this vn, very heart warming
It's pretty cool....
OMG I LOVE THIS!!! At the ending I almost cried tho...