Zombie and Juliet

Zombie and Juliet is an hack and slash game featuring zombies and upgrades developed by Elven Games
Zombie and Juliet has been developed by Elven Games
Help Juliet retrieve the soul gem from Southern Demon Lord and bring it to Balthazar in order to save her lover. Break the doors, go through the castle and defeat the Demon Lord. When you die, you head back to Balthazar's headquarters, where you can purchase better equipment or learn spells.
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Game Reviews

This game is pretty cool.
LV 4Holyavatar(3 years ago)
This game is a lot of fun but the flying enemies are way to hard to kill.
LV 1papi(3 years ago)
I've finished this game. That was amazing!!!
LV 7junnjunn(3 years ago)
really like this game
LV 13nightsblood(9 months ago)
I really love this game I got almost everything in it and I just love reruning this game really great I hope they make more king of like this one XD
LV 3SlayerIzaya(3 years ago)
well...that was anti-climatic
LV 1akasix(2 years ago)
This game needs a replay button!
LV 7deadhunter(3 years ago)
I finished it in 1.5 Hours....!! I've lost the meaning in life. But wait....isn't she supposed to save the zombie Romeo??
LV 5IlyaMelancholy(3 years ago)
Finally finished it! Wow 2.5 hours. I regret everything :(
LV 7deadhunter(3 years ago)