Battle Recruits HD

Battle Recruits HD is an snake like online game with upgrades developed by StumbleSoft
Battle Recruits HD has been developed by StumbleSoft
There was once a beautiful magical Kingdom called Tarakath, where a kindly wizard king ruled with peace and justice. But the evil swamp witch Mordella grew jealous of the wizard king's power, and sought to overthrow him, to claim Tarkath for herself. The wizzard king fought bravely, giving his life to protect his people, but the magic that Mordella had unleashed was too great. Tarkath was shattered to pieces. And so it falls to whisper, the King's apprentice, to call upon brave commanders to lead armies in the fight against Mordella and her evil minions, to bring peace back to the Kingdom of Tarkath once more.
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Nice game and I'm first ^_^
LV 8MadSaveges1000(4 years ago)