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i want to be like this hahahaha this job is so fun :D i wish i can be like this and this game is suuuper fun maybe for me cause i love management or business games cause i wanna be a business man ahhahaha
LV 14jprv47(4 years ago)
hahahaha i chose the selfish but oh so coool ending im cool :P
LV 14jprv47(4 years ago)
good game really fun and addictive
LV 1(12 months ago)
I wish the game was longer
LV 3wesley543(4 years ago)
i luv this game i mean somebodys got to love it i havent even played it yet XD
LV 1bangaRANG101(4 years ago)
Nice game very entertaining and i like the being evil part
LV 5rex1234657(4 years ago)
It's quite fun. Especially the "evil" part. Huehuehue.
LV 1Georac(4 years ago)
very good management game. here's a hint always keep 1 or 2 narcotics and artifacts. because sooner or later the will b bought for a higher price than normal. also apparel is cheap and can be sold for a higher price in other markets, and is the easiest way to make money.
LV 7AnotherGirlGamer(4 years ago)
awesome i am the first one to comment
LV 2scaryplayer(4 years ago)