Heroes Empire

Heroes Empire is an turn based strategy game with heroes developed by Tan
Heroes Empire has been developed by Tan, Wenart & TVX
Once upon a time in a far away there was an ancient civilization build in the center of the Earth known as the Rune Kingdom. A very advanced kingdom, using technology to create marvelous tools. The other humans on the surface were living in envy and decided to take over the Underground Heaven. After decades of war the underground kingdom prevailed, even though their armies were greatly outnumbered. The victory corrupted one of the Rune Kingdom's generals who decided to invade the Upper World. The remaining Royal Rune Soldiers tried to stop him but lost the fight. And so the story began.
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Game Reviews

It's fun.
LV 1(5 years ago)
its boring but i favored it anyway
LV 7darkreaper(5 years ago)
Good game very tactical. can someone tell me how to beat level 12 (you must survive for 20 turns)
LV 1starseeker(5 years ago)
I beat the 12 th level but how to do the side quest dragoonz
LV 1starseeker(5 years ago)
first 2 comment
LV 9torriean(5 years ago)