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panic free badgecatacomb badgepumpkin party badgemummy extermination badgeghost buster badgepsycho mode badgefirebeast studio badgewoof badgeno more hulk a like badgeavada kedavra badgephantom menace badgegenocide badgethe gunny sack badgefull moon ended badgei am legend badgesuper dude badgemother of gun badgethis is sparta badgetime attack badgetriple threat badgefireworks badgeburnt to dust badgeray of death badgesplendid bullets badgebig daddy badgevan hell sink badgenightmare terror badgedie hard badgeboom shakalaka badgecrazy freaking awesome player badge

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In this comment you'll find tips from the secret messages, so you don't have to purchase them. III for some EXTRA CASH purchase D1, D6, C1, B1, B6, A1, S1 III tips for EXTRA STARS (I'll write the message number down so you don't have to purchase them) : STAGE 1 : click mailbox (A3) STAGE 2 : click bin(C3) and pumpkin house latern (S7) STAGE 3 click painting (A6) and statue (S3) ---> purchase S4 do
Ghost Buster Badge doesn't work ! Please fix it gameshed :)
For the badge "Triple Threat" the description has a typo. It should read "Have 5 critical hits in 1 shot using Sniper" Hope this helps! Found out from reading the achievement list in-game
guys..i just figure it out how to get GHOST BUSTER badge.. u must kill phantom 1000..idk why..but i do like this after try play reset again...again and again.. -when i killed 1000 pumpkins, i got Mummy Extermination badge -when i killed 1000 mummies, i got Woof badge -when i killed 1000 wolves, i got No More Hulk A Like badge -when i killed 1000 frankensteins, i got Avada Kedavra badge -when i kil
I like this game.
Good game . (-: totally adding game to my favorites.
Great game. Very addictive in a good way! One issue however, I just won the ghostbuster badge and it has not appeared on my badge list. :( will this be fixed?
this game is cool
-beats game- Where am I? What year is this? How long have I been gone?!
to get alot mony fast go to the secret shop click the any rank then click the first one then go to another rank then go get mor then 20 thousnd money
cool game ... :)
The game said that I have killed 100 Ghosts but I haven't unlocked the GhostBusters Badge, instead I received the Catacombs Badge. The game says i haven't unlocked that yet though.
i defeat lok bee with 1 health left and i earn a badge die hard
I've not only killed 100 ghost but probably 400+ and still I didn't get the ghost buster badge could someone please fix it?