Abbigale and the Monster

Abbigale and the Monster is an top-down retro puzzle game developed by David Dionisio
Abbigale and the Monster has been developed by David Dionisio
After a quick snack, our hero, Abigale instantly falls on the floor unconscious. A few hours later she snaps back into consciousness to find herself in front of a mirror, facing a hideous monster. Help her face her own terror in order to resolve her deeply troubled mind.
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Game Reviews

decent game i mean all u have to do is get both u and ur mirror image to the gold platform. its actually kind of hard when u start to get far.
LV 7Razzilla(5 years ago)
It's a fun game...well more fun to pass the time. I got bored after a while though.
LV 1Ch0c0Kitty(5 years ago)
Can Someone Delete This Game Please ?? >.<
LV 1ChaXCha(5 years ago)
dont hate the player hate the game...........slow and steady always wins the race..........mind over matter..........with great power comes great responsibilities...........what goes around comes around...........beauty is in the eye of the beholder...........remember the past embrace the future.
LV 7darkreaper(5 years ago)
LV 1mccellen123(5 years ago)
1st comment!!
LV 3toad(5 years ago)