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Top 1000 Games Highest Rated
Boxhead 2 Play is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
Boxhead 2 Playzombieby Seant Cooper - 14.55
Brat Baseball is a funny and addictive baseball arcade flash game developed by and playable on
Brat Baseballsportfunnyskillby - Use your baseball skills to terrorize your neighborhood! To earn points you will have to destroy your neighbor's windows, hit cars or the bonus area. You only got 10 balls to hit so make ...14.55
Dig to China is a fun little digging flash game with upgrades and pixel graphics developed by Octopodo and playable on
Dig to Chinadiggingminingpixelby Octopodo - Cute little digging game with pixel graphics. Dig your way to China as fast as possible! Gather resources to buy upgrades and keep and eye on the timer. Dig as deep as you can while collect...14.55
Tinysasters 2 is a city builder type pf game with cute graphics developed by Isabelle Volute &Thomas Ygwee and playable on
Tinysasters 2strategysimboardcuteby Isabelle Volute - Develop your civilization on a tiny tile-based world. Fight your way through natural disasters that reconfigure the ground and make your life harder.14.55
Ballooner is a fun physics type of game developed by Rocanten and playable on
Balloonerpuzzlephysicscuteby Rocanten - Try to save all good balloons and pop all evil ones in this cute physics puzzle game. 5 balloon types with unique skills and 24 puzzles are waiting for you!14.55
What Do We Do Now is a browser based fun game with challenging puzzles developed by Sean James McKenzie and playable on
What Do We Do Nowpuzzlepoint'n'clickby Sean James McKenzie - Do you have what it takes to complete this short yet challenging puzzle game? Use your mouse to manipulate objects in order to complete each level.14.55
Penguin Massacre is a  developed by Christopher Gregorio and playable on
Penguin Massacreshootingpenguinby Christopher Gregorio - Defend your igloo and keep shooting the penguins with bigger and better guns.14.54
Papa's Pizzeria is a  developed by Flipline Studios and playable on
Papa's Pizzeriaarcadeby Flipline Studios - 14.54
Don't Escape is a creepy adventure point and click game with intriguing storyline, mind puzzling puzzles and were-wolf developed by ScriptWelde & Kevin MacLeod and playable on This game features badges.
Don't Escapewerewolfescapecreepyby ScriptWelde - A creepy point and click puzzle adventure game where you play as the antagonist, an hungry werewolf! Find a way to prevent yourself from escaping the cabin or more innocent people will d...14.54badges ()
Sift Heads is a  developed by Chriss, The-Luck and playable on
Sift Headsactionshootingstickby Chriss - 14.54
Swer Run is a  developed by Mahsye and playable on
Swer Runsportby Mahsye - 14.54
Hobo is a  developed by ArmorGames and playable on
Hobofightingby ArmorGames - Move, attack and use objects in this sidescrolling fighting game.14.54
bit Dungeon is a retro top down dungeon game with cool levels and enemies developed by Tom Heinecke, Jordan Applewhite, Rob Keiser & Stan and playable on This game features badges.
bit Dungeonadventurerpgdungeonby Tom Heinecke - bit Dungeon is an cool retro adventure game where you play as an knight fighting his way through infinite dungeons. Grab your precious sword and start hacking some pixel demons!14.54badges ()
Doom 1 is a  developed by id Software and playable on
Doom 1scaryshootingfps3dby id Software - Here comes the good old Doom now in flash format. Explore the base and find out what happened to your fellow Marines. More importantly, try to stay alive!14.54
Boxhead The Rooms is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
Boxhead The Roomszombieby Seant Cooper - 14.54
You Find Yourself In A Room is a  developed by Eli Piilonen & David Carney and playable on
You Find Yourself In A Roompuzzletext basedby Eli Piilonen - An original text based adventure game made by Eli Piilonen. Use your keyboard to enter commands. Use your brain to demonstrate that you’re more existentially valuable than a robot with skin. 14.54
Zombie Situation is a zombie shooter game with tone of weapons and upgrades developed by Elliot Pace and playable on This game features badges.
Zombie Situationzombieshootingby Elliot Pace - Your home town has been infested by zombies and your wife is somewhere out there. Take your weapon and find her before it's too late. Beat the game to unlock survival mode!14.54badges ()
Howmonica is a cute puzzle platformer with pixel graphics developed by Spydog and playable on
Howmonicagravityplatformpixelby Spydog - Help our funny looking character to color all the blocks. Use the gravity at your own advantage and make sure not to step into the spikes. New objects to interact will be available as you pro...14.54
Diner Dash Hometown Hero is a  developed by Play First and playable on
Diner Dash Hometown Herogirlsby Play First - Keep costumers happy by serving them as fast as you can. The happier they are, the more points you'll earn.14.53
Last Line of Defense First Wave is a  developed by Ninjakiwi Games and playable on
Last Line of Defense First Wavezombiedoomsdayactionby Ninjakiwi Games - The city has been invaded by these blood thirsty zombies and you find yourself behind the last line of defense in their way. Grab some weapon and start tearing them apart. For each k...14.53
Coma is a  developed by Thomas Brush & Witty Hobos and playable on
Comaadventureplatformby Thomas Brush - In this great adventure game you must help Pete to find his way through his mysterious and subconscious world.14.53
The Illusionists Dream is a  developed by ArmorGames and playable on
The Illusionists Dreamadventurepuzzlepetsby ArmorGames - Once upon a time there was a Great Magical performer who entertained crowds with his tricks and illusions. But when the one he loved died, he stopped performing and lost the will to live....14.53
Musaic Box is a  developed by Kranx Productions and playable on
Musaic Boxpuzzlemusicby Kranx Productions - Using tiles that represent individual musician's portions of a song, arrange the pieces on the grid and listen to the results. Musaic requires not just logic but a sense of musicality.14.53
Boom Town is a awesome Gold Rush sim game developed by thePodge and playable on
Boom Townsimtycoondrivingby thePodge - Build the ultimate Boom Town by mining gold on the mountainside. Buy explosives first and use them to mine the gold. Use your truck to collect gold ore and use it to buy new buildings and s...14.53
Creeper World 2 Academy Missions is a  developed by Knuckle Cracker and playable on
Creeper World 2 Academy Missionsstrategydefensertsby Knuckle Cracker - Travel from world to world in your Liberation Ship as you destroy the Creeper that ravaged your civilization.14.53
Shopping Cart Hero is a  developed by MonkeyWantBanana and playable on
Shopping Cart Herofunnylaunchstickby MonkeyWantBanana - Run with your shopping cart, jump in it and see how far you can go. Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?14.52
Urbex is a creepy point and click adventure game developed by Psionic Games and playable on
Urbexscaryadventurecreepyby Psionic Games - Urbex is the exploration of old abandoned buildings and man-made structures. Sometimes this involves trespassing leading to possible arrest and even jail time. It's also extremely dang...14.52
Cut the Rope is a  developed by ZeptoLab and playable on
Cut the Ropeskillpuzzlepetsfunnyby ZeptoLab - Cut the ropes and deliver the candy to our funny looking fellow OmNom. Try to collect all the stars for extra score.14.52
Black Rose is a 3d horror game inspired from the popular Slenderman game series developed by Jacob Ryle and playable on
Black Rosescaryghosthorror3dby Jacob Ryle - You assume the role of Linda, an average girl who heard rumors about an old abandoned funeral home being haunted. No one knows what happened to many of the people who used to work there, ...14.52
Epic Coaster is a  developed by ReviveGames and playable on
Epic Coasterskillhop and bopby ReviveGames - Navigate from track to track using only ONE button. Try to land on the edge of for a perfect jump bonus.14.52