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Top 1000 Games Highest Rated
Rubble Trouble New York is a  developed by Nitrome and playable on
Rubble Trouble New Yorkskill physics puzzleby Nitrome - Earn money by trashing buildings with bombs, hammers and other interesting...14.38
Sudden Aviator is a addictive single screen game with helicopters, guns, cool upgrades and tons of enemies developed by Kristian Macanga and playable on This game features highscores.
Sudden Aviatorsingle screen arcadeby Kristian Macanga - Welcome to war! Secure a string of enemy occupied islands in the ...14.38
The Visitor is a creepy puzzle game developed by Jay Ziebarth and playable on
The Visitorscary puzzle horrorby Jay Ziebarth - An unstoppable alien monster finds and devours prey, becoming more po...14.37
Bmx Master  is a  developed by GameTop and playable on
Bmx Master bike sport stuntby GameTop - Become the next Champion by performing mad tricks. Try to earn as many poi...14.37
Bart Simpson Naked Skate is a  developed by  and playable on
Bart Simpson Naked Skatefunny sportTry to stay in front of the police car for as long as possible.14.37
Sittin at a bar is a  developed by TinyMania and playable on
Sittin at a barfunnyby TinyMania - Balance the primed dude with arrow keys and grab some further beers by h...14.37
Downhill Jam is a  developed by  and playable on
Downhill JamsportUse your skills to collect all the items you can.14.37
The Simpsons Wrecking Ball is a  developed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and playable on
The Simpsons Wrecking Ballarcadeby Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation - Help Homer save his family from police quar...14.37
Man in Gap is a survival arcade game developed by Kevin Resol and playable on This game features highscores.
Man in Gapskill arcade avoidby Kevin Resol - How long can you survive in this dangerous gap? 14.37
War of Thrones is a exciting rpg game with some unique twists developed by EliteGames and playable on This game features highscores.
War of Thronesrpg match puzzleby EliteGames - Choose your favorite character and begin your journey in a world of myt...14.37
Word Quest is a casual crossword game with highscores developed by Shajby and playable on This game features highscores.
Word Questword board puzzleby Shajby - Choose a set of 10 letters and create as many words as you can within 90 se...14.37
Sneeze is a  developed by PlayerThree and playable on
Sneezepuzzleby PlayerThree - You are a virus infecting humans and your objective is to survive for ...14.37
Death Worm is a  developed by PlayCreek & Jtr and playable on
Death Wormskill destructionby PlayCreek - Eat, kill and grow through several colorful locations - from Egyptian de...14.37
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a  developed by JoyTube and playable on
Who Wants To Be A Millionairepuzzleby JoyTube - 14.37
Dexters Laboratory is a  developed by Cartoon Network and playable on
Dexters Laboratorypuzzleby Cartoon Network - 14.37
Run Into The Dark is a free first person survival horror game developed by 2Quarter Studios and playable on
Run Into The Darkscary slendermanby 2Quarter Studios - Run Into The Dark is a first person, survival horror game. The s...14.37
Check Flag is a  developed by RivalGames and playable on
Check Flagboard chess puzzleby RivalGames - Capture the opponents flag using a variety of pieces. As you progress m...14.37
Welcome To The Mansion is a creepy top down adventure game with quite a few of good jump scares developed by Jmaster2710 and playable on
Welcome To The Mansionscary download mazeby Jmaster2710 - The game is about a group of teenagers who all get locked up in the ma...14.37
Atomic Creep Spawner is a retro dungeon keeper type of game developed by Sebastian Benard and playable on
Atomic Creep Spawnerdungeon pixel heroby Sebastian Benard - Ohh noooo! A human hero is trying to steal your money, destroy yo...14.37
Exmortis 2 is a horror point and click adventure developed by Leffler Web Design and playable on
Exmortis 2scary horror escapeby Leffler Web Design - The Hordes of Exmortis swept across the Earth. A plague unlike ...14.36
Alice is Dead Ep 1 is a creepy puzzle developed by ImpendingRiot and playable on
Alice is Dead Ep 1scary puzzle escapeby ImpendingRiot - Do you have what it takes to get out of Wonderland, and more importa...14.36
Janes Hotel 2 is a  developed by  and playable on
Janes Hotel 2girls management simBuild a beautiful 5 star hotel! Work your way to the top by upgradin...14.36
Echoes Act 1 is a  developed by and playable on This game features badges.
Echoes Act 1strategy rts actionby - Echoes is an action game set in an extensive universe, on a torn...14.36
Starlight is a casual memory game with 3d graphics and very relaxing music developed by Kostiantyn & Julia Stankevych and playable on This game features badges.
Starlightpuzzle memory 3dby Kostiantyn - Rotate the playing field with your mouse and recreate the images before...14.36
Brave Kitten is a  developed by Vitaliy Sidorov and playable on This game features badges.
Brave Kittenpuzzle cute petsby Vitaliy Sidorov - A wonderful spot-the-differences fairy tale game with hidden-objec...14.36
Warzone Tower Defense is a  developed by Jeff Gold and playable on
Warzone Tower Defensestrategyby Jeff Gold - The object of the game is to eliminate hordes of attackers with your hi-...14.36
The I of It is a  developed by GameShot and playable on
The I of Itpuzzle platformby GameShot - You play as the letter I in this unique platform puzzler. You cannot jump...14.36
13 Days After is a first person shooter game with zombies developed by QiGames and playable on This game features highscores.
13 Days Afterzombie doomsday fpsby QiGames - It's been 13 days since what seemed like a strange dream. One thing is sur...14.36
Hood Episode 2 is a  developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Hood Episode 2detective puzzleby Hyptosis - Unlock the secrets behind the creepy metal ship, interrogate the local in...14.36
Chibi Knight is a role playing fantasy game with cute graphics and relaxing music developed by BoMToons and playable on
Chibi Knightadventure rpg heroby BoMToons - Help the funny looking knight to defeat the beasts who invaded the land o...14.36
UFO Lazzle is a laser puzzle game with aliens developed by WindySnail and playable on This game features badges.
UFO Lazzleufo puzzle alienby WindySnail - A huge alien spaceship lost all its energy and now it is drifting direc...14.36
Crate Run is a challenging platform game developed by Roman Pidstryhach and playable on
Crate Runarcade platformby Roman Pidstryhach - Use your skill and survive 30 levels of terror in this challengi...14.36
Snail Bob is a  developed by Andrey Kovalishin and playable on
Snail Bobpuzzle pets funnyby Andrey Kovalishin - Snail Bob needs a new house and it's up to you to guide him to h...14.36
Stonepath Episode 1 is a point and click fantasy game developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Stonepath Episode 1detective puzzleby Hyptosis - This was the year when the Thaa'hune came down from their dower. The year...14.36
Words and Physics is a  developed by Keybol and playable on
Words and Physicspuzzle physics wordby Keybol - Use mouse and keyboard to change the environment by typing or deleting char...14.36
Bad Piggies is a challenging puzzle physics game from rovio developed by Rovio and playable on
Bad Piggiesphysics launch cuteby Rovio - Help Mr. Piggy to reach certain destinations while collecting as many items ...14.36
Folds is a casual puzzle game  developed by Bryce Summer and playable on
Foldsskill puzzleby Bryce Summer - Your task is to fold the paper into the right shape. Click and drag t...14.36
NeoPods is a  developed by HeadFizz and playable on
NeoPodspuzzle physicsby HeadFizz - The objective in this great physics puzzle game is to guide the NeoPods t...14.36
Notorious Inc is a bad-guy simulator flash game developed by Adam & Sarah deGrandis and playable on
Notorious Inctycoon sim strategyby Adam - You play as the Director of a corrupt multinational corporation - Notorious I...14.36
The Grudge is a horror point and click game developed by SonyPictures and playable on
The Grudgescaryescapehorrorby SonyPictures - Creepy point and click adventure, based on horror movie `The Grudge`....14.35
Ask the Spirits 2 is a creepy board game developed by Tamba Internet and playable on
Ask the Spirits 2scary board creepyby Tamba Internet - Communicate with the dead and ask them questions. Be careful as the...14.35
Fuzzy Mc Fluffenstein is a bloody jump on and mash game developed by DiseasedProductions and playable on
Fuzzy Mc Fluffensteinbloody killingby DiseasedProductions - 14.35
The Insanity 2 is a horror point and click developed by EvilKris and playable on This game features badges.
The Insanity 2scary horror escapeby EvilKris - You play as Peter Langdon, a well-known journalist who is investigating t...14.35
Intruder is a terrifying  game developed by SugarCube INC and playable on
Intruderscaryhorrorescapeby SugarCube INC - A burglary is occurring in your house and you must stop the intruder...14.35
Cellar Door is a interactive point and click horror game developed by ProgressiveGames and playable on
Cellar Doorscarypoint'n'clickby ProgressiveGames - I know a story. The story is true...I believe it and you will too...14.35
Dare Devil is a  developed by  and playable on
Dare Devilbike14.35
Zombie Survival Outbreak is a  developed by Placeable and playable on
Zombie Survival Outbreakzombie shootingby Placeable - A new game version from Placeable featuring new upgrades and graphics. E...14.35
Marvel Tribute is a  developed by and playable on
Marvel Tributefighting superheroesby - Marvel Tribute is a fighting flash game based on Marvel univers featur...14.35
Super Crazy Guitar 3 is a  developed by notDOPPLER and playable on
Super Crazy Guitar 3skillby notDOPPLER - Test your skills in this cool flash game. Have fun in becoming the ulti...14.35
The Cell 2 is a  developed by and playable on
The Cell 2adventure escapeby - Help Josh infiltrate the mountainous drugs camp and then blow it up.14.35
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1 is a 3d horror slenderman game with a twist developed by Poison Games and playable on
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1slenderman scary 3dby Poison Games - You are sick and tired of all the stories you have listen about Slend...14.35
Touch The Bubbles 3 is a  developed by Arseniy Shkljaev & Florian Himsl and playable on
Touch The Bubbles 3skill maze collectby Arseniy Shkljaev - Pop all the bubbles as quick as you can and make sure you avoid t...14.35
Fancy Pants Adventure is a  developed by DrNeroCF and playable on
Fancy Pants Adventureadventureby DrNeroCF - 14.35
Winterbells is a  developed by Ferry Halim and playable on
Winterbellsskill bunny collectby Ferry Halim - You play as a bunny who bounces on bells to go higher. The higher you ...14.35
Rich Racer is a  developed by  and playable on
Rich Racercars14.35
Racehorse Tycoon is a  developed by Mousebreaker and playable on
Racehorse Tycoonhorse managementby Mousebreaker - Buy yourself a proper horse and hire a talented jockey so you can sta...14.35
Zombie Survival 3D is a first person shooter zombie game developed by  and playable on
Zombie Survival 3Dfps 3d zombieSurvive infinite waves on zombies in this cool first person shooting ...14.35
Dragons Krystal Warrior is a  developed by Mega Bloks and playable on
Dragons Krystal Warrioradventureby Mega Bloks - 14.35
Not Your War is a top down vertical space shooter developed by Pawet Tyczkowski and playable on
Not Your Warflying upgradesby Pawet Tyczkowski - Help the inhabitants from Planet Rhea to get rid of the invaders.14.35
Zombie Situation is a zombie shooter game with tone of weapons and upgrades developed by Elliot Pace and playable on
Zombie Situationzombie shootingby Elliot Pace - Your home town has been infested by zombies and your wife is somewhere...14.35
Overwatch is a  developed by AleGui and playable on
Overwatchstrategy rtsby AleGui - Move your soldiers through the battlefields while capturing WarpNodes and C...14.35
Foreign Creature is a weird and creepy puzzle developed by Belugerin Games and playable on This game features badges.
Foreign Creaturescary horror puzzleby Belugerin Games - Play the role of a blood-thirsty foreign creature leaving a trail ...14.34
Monster Basement 2 is a horror point and click developed by Patrick Majewski and playable on
Monster Basement 2scaryhorroradventureby Patrick Majewski - The sequel to the monster basement flash game created by Patrick ...14.34
Uphill Rush is a  developed by A Game and playable on
Uphill Rushbikeby A Game - Race through 10 cups with the Motorcycle, Skateboard, Quad or Monster truck...14.34
Being One Episode 3 is a sci-fi point and click game developed by Psionic 3D and playable on
Being One Episode 3scary adventureby Psionic 3D - The third in the `Being One` escape series continues. You wake up insid...14.34
Handless Millionaire is a bloody reaction test game created by Vasiliy Hostin developed by Vasiliy Hostin and playable on This game features highscores.
Handless Millionaireskill bloody funnyby Vasiliy Hostin - You'll never become a millionaire unless you participate to the new...14.34
Civiballs is a  developed by Andrey Kovalishin and playable on This game features badges.
Civiballspuzzle physicsby Andrey Kovalishin - A chained ball puzzle game in an ancient civilization themed wor...14.34
Russian Affairs is a  developed by Alexander Balanoff and playable on
Russian Affairsactionby Alexander Balanoff - 14.34
Cactus McCoy is a  developed by Flipline Studios and playable on
Cactus McCoyplatform westernby Flipline Studios - Your mission in this epic beat-em-up platformer adventure game fr...14.34
Speedrunner is a  developed by DoubleDutch Games and playable on
Speedrunnerplatform superheroesby DoubleDutch Games - Run, jump and swing to avoid obstacles, while battling against t...14.34
Raceday is a  developed by Jaludo and playable on
Racedaysport horse simby Jaludo - Choose an horse and compete against others. Each horse has different speed,...14.34
The Black Knight is a  developed by Arcade Town and playable on
The Black Knightactionby Arcade Town - Help the Black Knight collect the taxes from the peasants. The harder ...14.34
Raid Mission is a  developed by Agate Studio and playable on
Raid Missionstrategy turn basedby Agate Studio - The gangs took over the Springville City and now it's up to you and y...14.34
Into Space 2 is a fun rocket launching game with some cool upgrades developed by Dmitriy Kolyesnik, Andrey Palkin & Alexander Stepa and playable on
Into Space 2space shooter launchby Dmitriy Kolyesnik - Be a part of Mars Exploration Program! Use your skills to delive...14.34
Knight Slider is a single screen puzzle game with heroes and goblins developed by FlashChaz and playable on
Knight Slidersingle screen puzzleby FlashChaz - Spin each level so our hero can grab the golden key and reach for the ex...14.34
Ghostscape is a creepy adventure developed by  and playable on
Ghostscapeadventure scaryMove through the house as you go room by room looking for a way out. Wat...14.33
Ultimate Flash Sonic is a  developed by Menace and playable on
Ultimate Flash Sonicplatformby Menace - 14.33
The Impossible Quiz is a  developed by Slapp-me-do and playable on
The Impossible Quizpuzzle quiz funnyby Slapp-me-do - Try to beat the quiz by answering all of the insane questions. 14.33
farmBee  is a  developed by Chaz Carter & StolenGoose and playable on This game features badges.
farmBee skill collect avoidby Chaz Carter - Guide your bee and connect with the flowers to make them grow. Click t...14.33
GemClix Blitz is a casual match flash game with some unique twists developed by Dave Munsie and playable on This game features highscores.
GemClix Blitzmatch puzzle arcadeby Dave Munsie - Test your reflexes in this awesome gem matching game! Clear the gems b...14.33
Tank Chaos is a  developed by Dave Munsie & Scott Savage and playable on This game features highscores.
Tank Chaosshooting tank actionby Dave Munsie - You're an ally drone deep in enemy territory hovering over tank comman...14.33
Fly Hard is a launching game with upgrades and cool graphics developed by Alexander Gette and playable on
Fly Hardskill flying launchby Alexander Gette - Help Druce Willis to fly and build the best rocket by collecting a...14.33
Deal Or No Deal is a  developed by PacDudeGames and playable on
Deal Or No Dealpuzzleby PacDudeGames - 14.33
The Serum Aftermath is a  developed by MaxGames and playable on
The Serum Aftermathzombie adventureby MaxGames - Shoot the undead while picking up gas cans and running. Will you survive?14.33
Record Tripping is a  developed by Bell Brothers and playable on
Record Trippingskill musicminigamesby Bell Brothers - Great atmospheric skill game made by the Bell Brothers. Scratch your...14.33
Baba Yaga is a casual point and click adventure game with witches recommended for kids developed by Mateusz Skutnik & Barbara Jarosik and playable on
Baba Yagawitchpoint'n'clickby Mateusz Skutnik - Solve puzzles and find a way to escape Witch's hut. Use your mouse...14.33
Kingdom of Liars Part 2 is a adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Kingdom of Liars Part 2detective puzzleby Hyptosis - Our lives are lies are arrows loosed from the bow. We must fly true befor...14.33
znRevolutions is a  developed by Zink Interactive and playable on
znRevolutionspuzzle platformby Zink Interactive - Puzzle platformer set in a cylindrical world. Guide the white cir...14.33
MegaBolder Rampage is a challenging collect/avoid flash games with awesome dubstep soundtracks developed by Daniel Sun, Stephen Nesson & Fantomenk and playable on This game features highscores.
MegaBolder Rampageavoid collect arcadeby Daniel Sun - Dodge waves of stones and rocks while collecting as many coins as possi...14.33
Isoball X1 is a  developed by CandyFlame and playable on
Isoball X1puzzle physicsby CandyFlame - Build a track using blocks to guide the ball toward the exit hole. New ...14.33
Monsters TD is a  developed by Fed Dinalov, Dimko Drach & Irka Dolbnya and playable on
Monsters TDstrategy defenseby Fed Dinalov - You are in charge of defending the portal to our world from the monste...14.33
Tribot Fighter is a awesome side-scrolling fighting game with robots developed by Hristo Atanasov and playable on
Tribot Fighterfighting robotby Hristo Atanasov - Play as Tribot Fighter, a robot looking for the ultimate challenge...14.33
Orchestrated Death 2 is a creepy puzzle game developed by Highwitamic Productions and playable on
Orchestrated Death 2scary killing bloodyby Highwitamic Productions - Take out your victims using the environment around them, b...14.32
Land of the Dead is a 3d shooter with zombies developed by  and playable on
Land of the Deadscary doomsdayhorror14.32
Quarantine is a 3d horror game developed by SonyPictures and playable on
Quarantinescary horror 3dby SonyPictures - You awake to find yourself alone and trapped in a quarantined apartme...14.32
Monster Basement 1 is a horror point and click developed by Patrick Majewski and playable on
Monster Basement 1scaryhorroradventureby Patrick Majewski - Search for hidden clues and items to escape the monsters basement...14.32
Platform Racing is a  developed by Jiggmin and playable on
Platform Racingmultiplayerby Jiggmin - Internet multiplayer racing on platforms like a platform sidescroller, onl...14.32
Sniper Year One is a  developed by Rob James & Stu Hogton and playable on This game features badges.
Sniper Year Oneshooting sniperby Rob James - Get your assignment from your shadowy boss, grab your sniper rifle, and ...14.32
Necronomicon is a card based horror game developed by Cthulhu Production and playable on
Necronomiconscaryby Cthulhu Production - Battle against the Cthulhu Mythos in the single player card gam...14.32
This Is The Only Level is a  developed by ArmorGames and playable on
This Is The Only Levelskill platformby ArmorGames - Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to manhandle your way t...14.32