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Play 'Bewilder House', a scary first person puzzle game with challenging puzzles and creepy atmosphere developed by Marine Dunstetter
4.53download required
Play 'Foreign Creature 2', a creepy puzzle developed by Belugerin Studios. This game features badges.
4.52badges enabled(4)
Play 'A Small Talk', a post-apocalyptic text-based game with creepy atmosphere developed by ScriptWelder. This game features badges.
4.51badges enabled(2)
Play 'Pac Xon' developed by
Play 'Battle Recruits HD', a snake like online game with upgrades developed by StumbleSoft
4.51Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Crash Drive 2', a astonishing 3d driving games with over 21 different cars developed by Matt Hergaarden
4.51Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies', a 3d brawler game with works developed by Warner Bros
4.51Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Mechanical Commando 2' developed by BerzerkStudio. This game features badges.
4.51badges enabled(6)
Play 'The Journey Down: Chapter 1', a old school point and click adventure game with a good script, solid puzzles and fantastic gameplay developed by Theodor Waern
4.51download required
Play 'Trabi vs Zombies Apocalypse', a 3d zombie killing game developed by Cenda Games
4.50Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Bravada', a turn based adventure game with rpg elements and original gameplay developed by Interbellum
4.50Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Nick Racers Revolution', a 3d car racing game with cartoon heroes developed by Nickelodeon
4.50Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Dare Up', a wingsuiting game developed by V
4.50Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Don't Escape', a creepy adventure point and click game with intriguing storyline, mind puzzling puzzles and were-wolf developed by ScriptWelde. This game features badges.
4.50badges enabled(5)
Play '3Lind Game', a philosophical puzzle game with creepy atmosphere and challenging levels developed by Spyker. This game features badges.
4.50badges enabled(7)
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Play 'Red Moon' developed by Sun Studious
4.42 | rank #381 | fans 161
Play 'Coyote's Chase ', a funny 3d launch game with famous cartoon heroes developed by
4.63 | rank #90 | fans 37
Play 'A Night in the Woods', a 3d post apocalyptical scary game with disturbing mood developed by Amy Dentata
3.53 | rank #1567 | fans 53
Play 'Troll Tale', a funny point and click adventure game for kids developed by ppllaayy
4.41 | rank #410 | fans 21
Play 'Flash's Bounty', a turn based fantasy game inspired from the popular video game, Heroes of Might and Magic developed by ZyBy
4.30 | rank #606 | fans 8