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UFO Lazzle is a laser puzzle game with aliens developed by WindySnail and playable on This game features badges.
UFO LazzleA huge alien spaceship lost all its energy and now it is drifting directly to unavoidable death! Help two aliens to recha...
Eco Ego is a  developed by MARUKIN AD Co and playable on
Eco EgoEco-Ego is a game that simulates relation between ecology and the ego of human being. Your task is to keep the balance be...
3 Pandas 2: Night is a funny point and click adventure game with panda bears developed by Vadim Pecherskiy & Andrey Kazanskiy and playable on
3 Pandas 2: NightHelp the three funny looking pandas in the adventure of their lives. It seams that they are stuck on an unknown island an...
Frantic 2 is a  developed by Polymer Rabbit and playable on
Frantic 2Defeat endless enemies and 30 unique bosses to win! The game features lots of upgrades and unlockables!
Curse village  is a  developed by BeluGerin Games and playable on
Curse village Fight to keep the zombies behind the barricades. There's no escape, fight back or become one of them!
Dead Frontier Outbreak  is a role playing game developed by Neil Yates and playable on
Dead Frontier Outb...A creepy role playing game made by the guys from JaggedBladeSoftware.
Gibbets 2 is a  developed by Konstantin Boronenkov and playable on This game features badges.
Gibbets 2Use your trusty bow to save the innocent gibbets being hanged.
Battle for Alandria is a  developed by Koziletskiy Oleksiy and playable on This game features badges highscores.
Battle for AlandriaThe epic story about the war against the necromancers who has conquered Alandria kingdom.
Wedgie Toss 2 is a  developed by Urbaniacs and playable on
Wedgie Toss 2Grab Johnny Law by the shorts and pull as hard as you can! During the flight press SPACE BAR to flap Johnny's arms. Good ...
The Secret of Grisly Manor is a  developed by Fire Maple Games and playable on
The Secret of Gris...You've received an anonymous letter letting you know that your eccentric grandfather has disappeared without any trace. N...
5 Minutes Reloaded is a  developed by AdultSwim and playable on
5 Minutes ReloadedUse your ingenuity and the environment around you to do yourself in. You have only five minutes so be quick.
Cover Orange is a  developed by Anton Koshechkin & Johnny K and playable on
Cover OrangeIn the physics puzzle game `Cover Orange` you have to save the oranges by covering them from the deadly raindrops.
Intrusion is a  developed by VapGames and playable on This game features badges.
IntrusionPlatformer shooter game featuring realistic physics, 5 huge levels, lots of different enemies including 7 unique bosses.
Bloxorz is a  developed by DxInteractive and playable on
BloxorzSweet puzzle game made by Damien Clarke. The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end ...
Xiao Xiao is a  developed by  and playable on
Xiao Xiao
Castle Wars 2 is a  developed by M0rkeulv & Rob James and playable on
Castle Wars 2Castle wars is a turn based card game where your goal is to be the first to build a 100 units high castle or destroy the ...
Abduction Oddity is a  developed by Oddity and playable on
Abduction OddityUse your tractor beam to pull the humans into your flying saucer. The more you collect the more money youll have for upg...
Simpsons Millionaire is a  developed by  and playable on
Simpsons Millionaire
The Dead Case is a  developed by Zachary C. Shaffer and playable on
The Dead Case
Splitter is a  developed by King and playable on
SplitterGet the smiley to the exit of each level in the puzzle game
Mindy In Zombieland is a  developed by Dr.Derico and playable on
Mindy In ZombielandGuide Mindy through the Zombieland avoiding different obstacles in her path. Use your mouse to project Mindy's soul to zo...
Kingdom of Liars Part 1 is a adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Kingdom of Liars P...If you want to tell something important to a man, it's best to just show him rather than explain.
The Wedding is a horror adventure game with good storyline and great gameplay developed by Lewis Cavallo, Holly Acosta & Tyson Jones and playable on
The WeddingThe Wedding is a great horror adventure game with great story-line and gameplay. Fallow the story of Anima and her future...
Soul Redeemer is a  developed by BekhoTeam and playable on
Soul RedeemerSoul Redeemer is an top-down action game with RPG elements, including an Action-RPG style Inventory with 5 different weap...
Wentworth: Cats in Space is a funny point and click adventure game developed by ClickShake and playable on
Wentworth: Cats in...Follow Wentworth, our space cat, tasked to take a sapling and plant it on a newly discovered planet only to awaken a Gole...
Figurines Room is a casual point and click room escape game developed by TomaTea and playable on
Figurines RoomUse your brain to solve different puzzles and escape the figurines room in this casual point and click adventure game.
Wingmen is a  developed by Heru Kurniawan and playable on
WingmenThe objective is to destroy the alien base at the other end of the map. Build planes and defeat all the attacking enemies.
Rubble Trouble New York is a  developed by Nitrome and playable on
Rubble Trouble New...Earn money by trashing buildings with bombs, hammers and other interesting tools. Avoid damaging certain buildings and in...
Pain Tiger is a bloody platformer with cats developed by BlackSquare and playable on
Pain TigerBe a part of the new season of Pain Tiger Show! Your goal is to hurt yourself as much as possible.
Sudden Aviator is a addictive single screen game with helicopters, guns, cool upgrades and tons of enemies developed by Kristian Macanga and playable on This game features highscores.
Sudden AviatorWelcome to war! Secure a string of enemy occupied islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Distract the enemy long enough for the r...
The Visitor is a creepy puzzle game developed by Jay Ziebarth and playable on
The VisitorAn unstoppable alien monster finds and devours prey, becoming more powerful with each kill, in this point and click horro...
Bmx Master  is a  developed by GameTop and playable on
Bmx Master Become the next Champion by performing mad tricks. Try to earn as many points as possible within limited time by performi...
Bart Simpson Naked Skate is a  developed by  and playable on
Bart Simpson Naked...Try to stay in front of the police car for as long as possible.
Hurry up bob is a  developed by Fortunacus Lucas and playable on This game features badges.
Hurry up bobHelp Bob the builder to dodge or kill enemies and also escape the ever rising lava. Try to get power ups to support him, ...
Sittin at a bar is a  developed by TinyMania and playable on
Sittin at a barBalance the primed dude with arrow keys and grab some further beers by hitting space.
Downhill Jam is a  developed by  and playable on
Downhill JamUse your skills to collect all the items you can.
Brave Kitten is a  developed by Vitaliy Sidorov and playable on This game features badges.
Brave KittenA wonderful spot-the-differences fairy tale game with hidden-objects. Use your mouse cursor to click on the upper or lowe...
The Simpsons Wrecking Ball is a  developed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and playable on
The Simpsons Wreck...Help Homer save his family from police quarantine by using the first thing at hand - a wrecking ball. Use control keys to...
Man in Gap is a survival arcade game developed by Kevin Resol and playable on This game features highscores.
Man in GapHow long can you survive in this dangerous gap?
Bloons is a  developed by NinjaKiwi and playable on
War of Thrones is a exciting rpg game with some unique twists developed by EliteGames and playable on This game features highscores.
War of ThronesChoose your favorite character and begin your journey in a world of mythical creatures. In your journey you will reach a ...
Sneeze is a  developed by PlayerThree and playable on
SneezeYou are a virus infecting humans and your objective is to survive for as long as possible by making your human host sneez...
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1 is a 3d horror slenderman game with a twist developed by Poison Games and playable on
Slenderman Must Di...You are sick and tired of all the stories you have listen about Slenderman taking the children and killing people. It's t...
Death Worm is a  developed by PlayCreek & Jtr and playable on
Death WormEat, kill and grow through several colorful locations - from Egyptian desert, through wild jungle, to the modern megalopo...
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a  developed by JoyTube and playable on
Who Wants To Be A ...
Dexters Laboratory is a  developed by Cartoon Network and playable on
Dexters Laboratory
Check Flag is a  developed by RivalGames and playable on
Check FlagCapture the opponents flag using a variety of pieces. As you progress more pieces will be introduced and the board size w...
Welcome To The Mansion is a creepy top down adventure game with quite a few of good jump scares developed by Jmaster2710 and playable on
Welcome To The Man...The game is about a group of teenagers who all get locked up in the mansion of a serial killer. Help Marc, the main chara...
Atomic Creep Spawner is a retro dungeon keeper type of game developed by Sebastian Benard and playable on
Atomic Creep SpawnerOhh noooo! A human hero is trying to steal your money, destroy your doors and probably vandalize everything in your brand...
Exmortis 2 is a horror point and click adventure developed by Leffler Web Design and playable on
Exmortis 2The Hordes of Exmortis swept across the Earth. A plague unlike anything humanity had ever encountered. In their final sta...
Alice is Dead Ep 1 is a creepy puzzle developed by ImpendingRiot and playable on
Alice is Dead Ep 1Do you have what it takes to get out of Wonderland, and more importantly, figure out who you are?
Janes Hotel 2 is a  developed by  and playable on
Janes Hotel 2Build a beautiful 5 star hotel! Work your way to the top by upgrading accommodations and achieving an excellent reputation.
Starlight is a casual memory game with 3d graphics and very relaxing music developed by Kostiantyn & Julia Stankevych and playable on This game features badges.
StarlightRotate the playing field with your mouse and recreate the images before the time runs out!
Warzone Tower Defense is a  developed by Jeff Gold and playable on
Warzone Tower DefenseThe object of the game is to eliminate hordes of attackers with your hi-tech defense arsenal in different stages.
Hood Episode 2 is a  developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Hood Episode 2Unlock the secrets behind the creepy metal ship, interrogate the local inhabitants and face unfriendly spirits who cast d...
Chibi Knight is a role playing fantasy game with cute graphics and relaxing music developed by BoMToons and playable on
Chibi KnightHelp the funny looking knight to defeat the beasts who invaded the land of Oukoku.
Crate Run is a challenging platform game developed by Roman Pidstryhach and playable on
Crate RunUse your skill and survive 30 levels of terror in this challenging avoid game CrateRun! Run and jump from level to level ...
Snail Bob is a  developed by Andrey Kovalishin and playable on
Snail BobSnail Bob needs a new house and it's up to you to guide him to his brand new home. Use tools to guide him through each le...
Words and Physics is a  developed by Keybol and playable on
Words and PhysicsUse mouse and keyboard to change the environment by typing or deleting characters. Over 18 levels awaits to be solved. Ha...
Bad Piggies is a challenging puzzle physics game from rovio developed by Rovio and playable on
Bad PiggiesHelp Mr. Piggy to reach certain destinations while collecting as many items as possible. Use objects to build vehicles to...
Folds is a casual puzzle game  developed by Bryce Summer and playable on
FoldsYour task is to fold the paper into the right shape. Click and drag to fold the paper and make sure to match the outlined...
NeoPods is a  developed by HeadFizz and playable on
NeoPodsThe objective in this great physics puzzle game is to guide the NeoPods to their own NeoBots. Watch out for spiky anti-bots!
Notorious Inc is a bad-guy simulator flash game developed by Adam & Sarah deGrandis and playable on
Notorious IncYou play as the Director of a corrupt multinational corporation - Notorious INC. Your task is to generate as much revenue...
The Grudge is a horror point and click game developed by SonyPictures and playable on
The GrudgeCreepy point and click adventure, based on horror movie `The Grudge`. Why you are alone in that evil house? You'll find o...
Ask the Spirits 2 is a creepy board game developed by Tamba Internet and playable on
Ask the Spirits 2Communicate with the dead and ask them questions. Be careful as they are easily offended and you could end up on the othe...
Fuzzy Mc Fluffenstein is a bloody jump on and mash game developed by DiseasedProductions and playable on
Fuzzy Mc Fluffenstein
The Insanity 2 is a horror point and click developed by EvilKris and playable on This game features badges.
The Insanity 2You play as Peter Langdon, a well-known journalist who is investigating the possible source of a spree of horrific movies...
Intruder is a terrifying  game developed by SugarCube INC and playable on
IntruderA burglary is occurring in your house and you must stop the intruder. Grab various objects around the house to kill the i...
Dare Devil is a  developed by  and playable on
Dare Devil
Echoes Act 1 is a  developed by and playable on This game features badges.
Echoes Act 1Echoes is an action game set in an extensive universe, on a torn Earth almost three-hundred years in the future. The game...
Zombie Survival Outbreak is a  developed by Placeable and playable on
Zombie Survival Ou...A new game version from Placeable featuring new upgrades and graphics. Enjoy!
Marvel Tribute is a  developed by and playable on
Marvel TributeMarvel Tribute is a fighting flash game based on Marvel univers featuring 32 characters, 4 games modes(arcade, survival, ...
Super Crazy Guitar 3 is a  developed by notDOPPLER and playable on
Super Crazy Guitar 3Test your skills in this cool flash game. Have fun in becoming the ultimate super crazy guitar 2 player. As the song pla...
The I of It is a  developed by GameShot and playable on
The I of ItYou play as the letter I in this unique platform puzzler. You cannot jump, but you've got one very helpful skill: You are...
Touch The Bubbles 3 is a  developed by Arseniy Shkljaev & Florian Himsl and playable on
Touch The Bubbles 3Pop all the bubbles as quick as you can and make sure you avoid the red traps.
Fancy Pants Adventure is a  developed by DrNeroCF and playable on
Fancy Pants Adventure
Rich Racer is a  developed by  and playable on
Rich Racer
Racehorse Tycoon is a  developed by Mousebreaker and playable on
Racehorse TycoonBuy yourself a proper horse and hire a talented jockey so you can start winning a prize or two.
Dragons Krystal Warrior is a  developed by Mega Bloks and playable on
Dragons Krystal Wa...
Not Your War is a top down vertical space shooter developed by Pawet Tyczkowski and playable on
Not Your WarHelp the inhabitants from Planet Rhea to get rid of the invaders.
Kingdom of Liars Part 3 is a fantasy point and click adventure game with great story and puzzles developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Kingdom of Liars P...Whatever a friend believes is true, tell him otherwise and he becomes an enemy.
Kingdom of Liars Part 2 is a adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Kingdom of Liars P...Our lives are lies are arrows loosed from the bow. We must fly true before we strike.
Zombie Situation is a zombie shooter game with tone of weapons and upgrades developed by Elliot Pace and playable on
Zombie SituationYour home town has been infested by zombies and your wife is somewhere out there. Take your weapon and find her before it...
Overwatch is a  developed by AleGui and playable on
OverwatchMove your soldiers through the battlefields while capturing WarpNodes and ControlPoints. Wrapnodes raise maximum number o...
Foreign Creature is a weird and creepy puzzle developed by Belugerin Games and playable on This game features badges.
Foreign CreaturePlay the role of a blood-thirsty foreign creature leaving a trail of blood and horror. This blood-thirsty alien moves thr...
Ghostscape is a creepy adventure developed by  and playable on
GhostscapeMove through the house as you go room by room looking for a way out. Watch out for creepy ghosts.
Monster Basement 2 is a horror point and click developed by Patrick Majewski and playable on
Monster Basement 2The sequel to the monster basement flash game created by Patrick Majewski. Your task is to find a way to return home.
Uphill Rush is a  developed by A Game and playable on
Uphill RushRace through 10 cups with the Motorcycle, Skateboard, Quad or Monster truck and perform cool tricks in the air.
Cellar Door is a interactive point and click horror game developed by ProgressiveGames and playable on
Cellar DoorI know a story. The story is true...I believe it and you will too. Another entity has enter this world. Dark and dangero...
Being One Episode 3 is a sci-fi point and click game developed by Psionic 3D and playable on
Being One Episode 3The third in the `Being One` escape series continues. You wake up inside a liquid vat in a high security laboratory. You ...
Civiballs is a  developed by Andrey Kovalishin and playable on This game features badges.
CiviballsA chained ball puzzle game in an ancient civilization themed worlds. The objective is to drop all the colored balls into ...
Monkey GO Happy is a  developed by Robin Vencel and playable on This game features highscores.
Monkey GO HappyDo you have what it takes to make a Monkey GO Happy? Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the scree, solve...
Secret of Mystery House 3: The Bastien Curse is a creepy game with ghosts developed by Rex Cartagena and playable on
Secret of Mystery ...You have been hired to investigate the house of the Bastien family in New Orleans, the place is believed haunted since 18...