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Penguin Diner 2 is a  developed by 2DPlay and playable on
Penguin Diner 2After her overseas Acrtic trip Penny returns to Antarctica and decides to open up her own diner on home territory.
Survive Popo is a cute platformer recommend for kids developed by Steve Lie, Ivana Grasia & Max Loren and playable on This game features badges.
Survive PopoPopo had a little accident and lost all of his coins. Run, jump, climb walls and duck enemies while collecting your preci...
Duckstazy is a  developed by Elias Ku and playable on
DuckstazyEat pills and be high as long as u can! Scores at the left bottom corner of the screen show how good you are doing it. Yo...
Hot Dog Bush is a  developed by 2DPlay and playable on
Hot Dog BushStart your hot-dog stand in the Bronx, earn your cash and try to move up to Wall Street. Click, drag and drop or point an...
Zombies Ate my Phone is a  developed by KokoGames and playable on
Zombies Ate my PhoneSave your friends at the mall by taking out waves of zombies. Visit the shop to unlock and upgrade your selection of weap...
Kid Launcher is a  developed by A. Scott McCallum and playable on
Kid LauncherThe chubby kid is trying to escape the bear. Launch him as far as you can.
RoboKill 2 is a  developed by RockSolidArcade and playable on
RoboKill 2The long awaited sequel to Rock Solid Arcade's 2008 hit is back! Destroy enemies, collect cash, gain experience, and buy ...
Flash Bash is a flash bash, an awesome fighting game with original characters and unique game art developed by Godlimations and playable on
Flash BashChoose your favorite character and start kicking some ass in this awesome Street Fighter like fighting game. Each charact...
Grow Island is a  developed by  and playable on
Grow IslandInteresting puzzle game where you have to develop the island by growing each panel to its maximum potential. Use the MOUS...
Cops and Robbers is a  developed by TinyMania and playable on
Cops and RobbersYour goal in this funny game is to run as fast as you can to keep the Hoosiers out of the clutches of the coppers.Hit SPA...
Nelly 2: Episode 1 is a cute side-scrolling adventure game recommended for kids developed by Deqaf Studio and playable on
Nelly 2: Episode 1Explore the woods in search for a way out. Use your furry companion to interact with the forest and solve different puzzl...
Cantrip is a Cantrip is an action-adventure game based on the Hansel and Gretel tale developed by DadiuGames and playable on
CantripHear the story of two children doomed to a life of poverty. Each day in order to survive they need to search and collect ...
Snow Drift is a  developed by Nitrome and playable on
Snow DriftHelp our funny looking yeti dude reach his iglu in each level. Hold arrow down to skate down the ice! Keep an eye put for...
Fault Line is a  developed by Nitrome and playable on
Fault LineThe goal in this clever puzzle platformer is to guide the robot to the teleportation pad. You will find different join n...
Wild Defense is a  developed by Activ8 Studio and playable on
Wild DefenseYour kingdom is under the onslaught of an invading enemy, and you must defend your castle.
Kung Fu Panda 2 is a 3d fighting game with the famous Kung Fu Panda cartoon hero developed by  and playable on
Kung Fu Panda 2Help Kung Fu Panda to defeat Lord Shen in this challenging 3d fighting game! Stop the Wolf soldier from entering the Vall...
Mutant Alien Assault is a frantic combat arena game with aliens and monsters developed by Chris Suffern, Matthew Blankenship & Gershon Vivas and playable on
Mutant Alien AssaultYour spaceship ran out of juice in the wrong place at the wrong time. The aliens found a way to board the ship and the on...
Cubikill 3 is a deranged game developed by Pyrozen and playable on
Cubikill 3Cubikill 3 is more deranged than ever!
The Outbreak is a intractive game with zombies developed by SilkTricky Production and playable on
The OutbreakThe Outbreak is an interactive movie. At certain points of the movie, you will be prompted to make a choice. These choice...
Mutant Uprising is a text-based game with zombies developed by GP Studios and playable on
Mutant UprisingA deadly disease has turned most of the population into hideous mutants. Can you survive?
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is a  developed by Diseased Productions and playable on This game features badges.
Endless Zombie Ram...Kill zombies, collect supplies and find survivors to gain experience. Buy weapons and perks that will help you complete y...
Plazma Burst 2 is a  developed by Eric Gurt and playable on
Plazma Burst 2Plazma Burst is back and its better then ever! Blast your way through enemies and make it out of each level alive.
Penguins Attack TD 2 is a  developed by Jonathan Bartram and playable on This game features badges.
Penguins Attack TD 2For some unknown reasons, the penguins wants us dead. You have been assigned the job of preventing them from breaking thr...
Doodle Devil is a  developed by Avaloid-n-JoyBits and playable on This game features highscores.
Doodle DevilDoodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe, to mess up with Doodle God. And now you have to aid Do...
Pour the Fish is a challenging physics based puzzle game with great gameplay and cute characters developed by Alexandr Porubov & Alex Starovoyt and playable on This game features highscores.
Pour the FishThe objective in this cute physics-based puzzle game is to pour clean water over the fishes as fast as you can. Make sure...
HQ Guardians is a strategy war game featuring addictive game-play and ton of upgrades developed by MaulidanGames and playable on This game features badges highscores.
HQ GuardiansGeneral Gohn's armies are attacking our territory! We need our commander to hold our defense! Your first mission is on Re...
The Adventures of Red is a point and click adventure with great puzzles developed by Rob & John Donkin and playable on
The Adventures of RedHelp our little yellow explorer in his quest of finding the last chocolate muffin!
Feed Us 2 is a  developed by Pyrozen and playable on
Feed Us 2The deadly piranha is back and hungrier than ever! Catch humans and eat them to get upgrades for your barbaric army of pi...
Iron and Flame is a  developed by AdultSwim and playable on
Iron and FlameSave the colonel by killing the aliens!
Mega Miner is a  developed by Alistair Maunder and playable on
Mega MinerDrill your way through the soil, collecting different raw materials that can be sold at the market. Upgrade your Mega Min...
Machines Planet is a  developed by Playflame and playable on
Machines PlanetThe objective in this great physics-based game is to build machines and battle against zombies.
SkyFyre 2 is a side scrolling shooting game with dragons, monsters and tons of upgrades developed by SoybeanSoft and playable on This game features highscores.
SkyFyre 2Help Rynn to reach the Monster Kingdom and defeat the Monster King! Your trustworthy dragon fighter will take you over 8 ...
Super Fighters is a  developed by MythoLogic Interactive and playable on
Super FightersFight against other super fighters in this cool retro action game which comes with some nice physics. Use ARROW keys to n...
Questopia: The Piramid is a isometric adventure game with heroes, magic and infinite dungeons filled with monsters, and precious developed by Aleksey Spirkin & Alexander Ahura and playable on
Questopia: The Pir...Equipped with sharp sword, calm and full of energy, our hero decided to venture through the Pyramid Valley in search for ...
The House 2 is a the scariest flash game ever made developed by Sinthai Boonmaitree and playable on
The House 2The legend has it that there is a house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for decades. The house belong...
Real Horror Stories is a terrifying point and click horror flash game developed by GameORE and playable on
Real Horror StoriesStories tell of the Dark Forest. Many lives have been lost here. You are now at the entrance of the terror. Do you dare t...
Being One Episode 1 is a sci-fi point and click game developed by MouseBreaker and playable on
Being One Episode 1Great scary point 'n click game by MouseBreaker. In this first episode you find yourself aided by an unknown benefactor, ...
Monster Truck Maniac 2 is a  developed by Simon W and playable on This game features badges.
Monster Truck Mani...The sequel to the popular monster truck maniac game. Includes 24 missions, 6 games and fully customizable monster trucks.
Plasma Verse is a  developed by Mega Bloks and playable on
Plasma VerseChoose your dinosaur and fight against others ferocious dinosaurs.
Dead Town is a  developed by  and playable on
Dead TownThe town has been overrun by the living dead. Use your shotgun to fight your way to safety.
DogFight2 The Great War is a  developed by RockSolidArcade and playable on
DogFight2 The Grea...Play as the Germans in this sequel to Rock Solid's hit arcade shooter.
Pacman is a  developed by Neave and playable on
Orange Roulette is a funny game in a dark orangery way developed by Michael Houser and playable on
Orange RouletteFind a way out of the prison by playing Orange Roulette against other prisoners. Can our imprisoned orange win before he'...
Redshift is a  developed by Diseased Productions and playable on This game features badges.
RedshiftRedshift is a side scrolling shooter with over 250 items which you'll need to use to beat a large campaign that spans the...
John Citizen is a  developed by  and playable on
John CitizenJohn Citizen is an original physics based platform shooter inspired by Valve's half-life series. Move around using WASD a...
Combat Hero Adventures is a  developed by Jay Armstrong and playable on
Combat Hero Advent...An action-packed arena shooter with great visuals,a full story with over 16 cutscenes and 10 gorgeously detailed levels!
Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity is a funny side-scrolling adventure game developed by Major Bueno and playable on
Host Master Deux: ...Play as Tim Schafer, an famous game developer that has been invited to host Game Developer's Conference. On your way to t...
Cactus McCoy 2 is a  developed by Flipline Studios and playable on
Cactus McCoy 2Help Cactus McCoy, one of the descendants of the once known Volados tribe, to reach the city if Calavera and find the Ser...
Home Sheep Home 2 is a  developed by Aardman Animations LTD and playable on
Home Sheep Home 2Shaun, Shirley and Timmy are back! This time they are lost in London and need some help finding their way back home.
DigiWoog Disaster is a  developed by WoogiWorld and playable on
DigiWoog DisasterAn Unidentified Flying Object has crashed landed on Woogi World and Dr. Wiggenstein needs you to investigate! Find Dr.Wig...
Wait is a mystery horror game inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series developed by rest.less Games and playable on
WaitAnd there I stand, fed and alone, my heart is heavy as a stone. My deeds changed nothing in the end, the inevitable truth...
The Journey Down: Chapter 1 is a old school point and click adventure game with a good script, solid puzzles and fantastic gameplay developed by Theodor Waern and playable on
The Journey Down: ...Help our protagonist, Bwana and his companion Kito to uncover the forgotten secrets of the mysterious Underland. Your jou...
Fish For Girls is a  developed by KillerViral and playable on
Fish For Girls
Alice is Dead Ep 2 is a scary adventure game developed by ImpendingRiot and playable on
Alice is Dead Ep 2The 2nd part of this disturbing yet mysterious adventure is finally here. Enjoy!
Traffic Slam is a  developed by Agame and playable on
Traffic SlamThe aim of the game is to cause as much damage as you can with your car. Size of the game is 9Mb, so it will take some ti...
Palisade Guardian is a  developed by Mark Loika and playable on
Palisade GuardianSurvive wave after wave of incoming German Nazis. Your wall must hold during the battle. Dont get overrun by the enemy o...
Avalancher is a  developed by George Wendal and playable on This game features badges.
AvalancherAvalancher is a physics-based game that involves protecting an eskimo from the deadly force of an avalanche. Gameplay inv...
TurkeyBonk is a whack-a-turkey game recommended for kids. TurkeyBonk features cute cartoonish graphics and funny sou developed by Dave Munsie and playable on This game features highscores.
TurkeyBonkTest your reflexes in this funny whack-a-turkey flash game. Make sure not to hit the gophers or you will loose precious t...
Car Park Chaos is a  developed by  and playable on
Car Park Chaos
Booze Up is a  developed by Monster&Monster and playable on
Booze UpRun, jump and puke your way across 50 levels whilst trying to collect all the points in this funny platform game created ...
Balance is a  developed by Zink Interactive and playable on
BalanceGet the block to the exit by balancing it with your mouse!
Quickfire is a challenging and funny minigames developed by Tom Vencel and playable on This game features highscores.
QuickfireComplete minigames by solving different puzzles as fast as you can. Do you have what it takes to raise the stakes?
Epic Monster War is a  developed by Up-UpDown and playable on
Epic Monster WarBuild an army and destroy enemy's base while protecting your own. Earn cash to buy better defenses and work towards upgra...
Run Ronaldo Run is a  developed by 2DPlay and playable on
Run Ronaldo Run
VorlorN is a free indie rpg game featuring a compelling story-line with great atmosphere and challenging puzzles developed by Luke Moss and playable on
VorlorNFar in the distance, amid the ocean, lies a massive citadel that rises out of the water every eon. It is said that deep i...
Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery is a fun online detective game developed by Caramel Games and playable on
Sherlock Holmes: T...Someone has murdered Mr.T, the owner of some local tea shop and it's to up our famous detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes to f...
Cubi Kill 2 is a deranged shooter game developed by Pyrozen and playable on
Cubi Kill 2Cubikill 2 is back for more killing at work! Our deranged friend is back and this time he is pissed for getting fired. Ti...
Foreign Creature Scene is a creepy puzzle developed by BelugerinStudios and playable on
Foreign Creature S...Play role of a blood-thirsty alien mess in various locations and find out 10 secret achievements.
Burnin Rubber 2 is a  developed by and playable on
Burnin Rubber 2Collect points and bonus items to unlock tracks and cars! The race is over when you cross the finish or wreck your car.
1066 The Game is a  developed by Channel Four and playable on
1066 The GameYour mission in this war game is to defeat your enemy`s army by killing or scaring off as many of them as possible.
Tactical Assassin 3 is a  developed by Simon Hason and playable on
Tactical Assassin 3Complete various missions that put your sharp shooting skills to the test using various weapons and equipment. Enter stor...
Triple X Mission is a  developed by SonyPictures and playable on
Triple X Mission
Pursuit of Hat is a  developed by Anton Rogov, Alexander Ahura and playable on
Pursuit of HatHelp our funny looking blog to recover his precious hat. Use the ARROW keys to move and jump yourself around the cliffs, ...
Word Quest is a casual crossword game with highscores developed by Shajby and playable on This game features highscores.
Word QuestChoose a set of 10 letters and create as many words as you can within 90 seconds. Each word you create will increase your...
Zomgies 2 is a  developed by Jimp & LongAnimals and playable on
Zomgies 2Survive 15 levels of zombie mayhem in this great hit run and gun shooter game! Collect 15 unique weapons to kill a range ...
Catharsis is a psychedelic 3d horror game developed by Nirvan Filip and playable on
CatharsisJump into psychedelic nightmare world, where main character have to find memory rooms, fix his sins and come back to life...
Jack in the Box is a  developed by Ali Batr & Argentin and playable on
Jack in the BoxControl Jacks simultaneously and guide them into their boxes. Don’t forget that not every Jack is same.
Undead Isle: Chapter 1 is a first person shooter game with zombies developed by MartianGames and playable on
Undead Isle: Chapt...Unity 3D Advanced Survival Horror FPS. You find yourself on a mysterious island of horrific genetic experiments and creat...
Leila And The Magic Ball is a  developed by Paul Gene Thompson and playable on
Leila And The Magi...Help Leila get her ball and use it to collect all the bottles and hidden stars in each level. Leila can interact with the...
Myosotis Chapter 2 is a point and click detective game developed by ImpendingRiot and playable on
Myosotis Chapter 2In the second part of the game our detective, Rick finds his true love lying dead before his eyes. Beside her a box flash...
Cube Droid is a  developed by DevilishGames and playable on
Cube DroidLarge metal cubes and robots started covering the surfaces of the planets of the galaxy, endangering the lives of their e...
Resort Empire is a isometric city builder developed by Putut Putri, Jon Brengos & Christina and playable on
Resort EmpireWelcome to the Resort Empire Association! You are here to build up your business and make your own empire. Build your own...
Tiny Explorers is a isometric puzzle game with tanks developed by in-Finity and playable on This game features highscores.
Tiny ExplorersHelp the tanks to explore the planet. The arrow keys helps you to guide the tanks to the finish. Drag and drop the arrows...
Pike Club Platinum is a  developed by ShadeMemory and playable on
Pike Club PlatinumFlip tiles, earn scores, spend talent points, prove your skills, be a scoreboard king!
Spaceman vs Monsters is a city builder type pf game with cute graphics developed by Sergiy Lyashenko and playable on
Spaceman vs MonstersHelp a brave space crew that landed on unknown planet to free itself from dangerous but very funny looking monsters. Use ...
Whispers Room 6 is a scary point and click developed by Origaming Media and playable on
Whispers Room 6After a long road you and your family decide it's time to find some place to rest so you head up to some motel. Soon you ...
Kombat Fighters is a  developed by W Lin and playable on
Kombat FightersSelect your favorite character and fight your opponent using cards that determine your attacks.
Deep Sleep is a creepy point and click adventure game with creepy atmosphere and clever puzzles developed by ScriptWelder and playable on This game features badges.
Deep SleepYou find yourself trapped in a nightmare and someone else is watching your from the dark. Search for clues and items that...
Valthirian Arc is a  developed by Lucidrine and playable on This game features badges.
Valthirian ArcPlay the role of a principle for the Valthirian Arc academy which trains heroes for the kingdom in this adventure role pl...
Freeway Fury is a  developed by Vasco Freitas and playable on
Freeway FuryFreeway Fury is car-jumping action-packed madness game that was made by Vasco Freitas. The goal is to reach the finish li...
Achilles is a  developed by Ben Olding and playable on
AchillesHack, slash and spear your way through 15 stages of Greek warriors.
13 Days After is a first person shooter game with zombies developed by QiGames and playable on This game features highscores.
13 Days AfterIt's been 13 days since what seemed like a strange dream. One thing is sure, my shooting skills and nerves were put to a ...
The Cell 2 is a  developed by and playable on
The Cell 2Help Josh infiltrate the mountainous drugs camp and then blow it up.