Top 1000 Games

Play 'Gone to the Dogs' developed by Shockwood. This game features badges.
4.56badges enabled(4)
Play 'Gladiator: True Story', a 3d fighting game with lots of blood, weapons and enemies developed by XformGames
4.56Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Schuld', a astonishing psychological horror adventure game with crazy plot twist developed by Kelven
4.56download required
Play 'Flood Runner Armageddon' developed by Bryan Deflin. This game features badges.
4.56badges enabled(8)
Play 'bit Dungeon', a retro top down dungeon game with cool levels and enemies developed by Tom Heinecke. This game features badges.
4.56badges enabled(7)
Play 'Range of the Dead', a zombie shooting sniper game developed by Evil Dog
4.56Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Broken Earth', a awesome 3d top-down action shooting game that can be played in survival mode or even multiplayer developed by teamINOV
4.55Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Ascension', a psychological horror game with great gameplay and tons of monsters developed by Magnesium Ninja
4.55download required
Play 'Ancient Aliens: The Roots of Sound', a funny point and click indie game developed by Ugly Files
4.55download required
Play 'It Moves', a top down horror game based on a short story by Michael Whitehouse developed by SnowOwl
4.54download required
Play 'Slendytubbies: Dipsy's Workshop', a bloody hack and slash game developed by Sean Toman
4.54Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Zombie Situation', a zombie shooter game with tone of weapons and upgrades developed by Elliot Pace. This game features badges.
4.54badges enabled(12)
Play 'Black Rose', a 3d horror game inspired from the popular Slenderman game series developed by Jacob Ryle
4.54Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Hobo' developed by ArmorGames
popular games
Play 'Full Moon' developed by Bart Bonte
4.17 | rank #828 | fans 33
Play 'Wolfenstein 3D', a Wolfenstein, the popular first person shooting flash game developed by Glen Rhodes
4.50 | rank #250 | fans 39
Play 'Evil Goat', a challenging retro top-down puzzler developed by Amidos
3.75 | rank #1368 | fans 7
Play 'Seam: One Hundred Buttons', a creepy side-scrolling game developed by Andrzej Bieniek
4.07 | rank #975 | fans 141
Play 'Moon Waltz', a funny sidescrolling game with werewolf developed by Marius Fietzek
4.52 | rank #218 | fans 76