Top 1000 Games

Top 1000 Games Highest Rated
Age of War 2 is a  developed by Louis Simon Menord and playable on
Age of War 2strategy defense warby Louis Simon Menord - Destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build tur...14.57
Dino Run is a  developed by PixelJam and playable on
Dino Runskillby PixelJam - The aim of the game is quite simple...escape the wall of doom and find yo...14.57
Rock paper scisor is a  developed by THIS IS POP and playable on
Rock paper scisorfightingby THIS IS POP - 14.57
Pocket Fighter Nova is a  developed by FizzGames and playable on
Pocket Fighter Novafighting cuteby FizzGames - Pocket Fighter Nova is the flash edition of Super Pocket Fighter (mini s...14.57
Sieger is a  developed by Anton Fedoruk and playable on
Siegerskill physics puzzleby Anton Fedoruk - Destroy castles by smashing their supporting blocks and kill all the...14.57
Talesworth Arena is a  developed by Sean Gailey & Miguel Rojas and playable on
Talesworth Arenaadventureby Sean Gailey - Fight your way through ten levels of foul creatures. Gain experience a...14.57
Alienocalypse is a  developed by BerzerkStudio & Rasmus Larsen and playable on
Alienocalypsestrategy alienby BerzerkStudio - In Alienocalypse, you play as an alien invader. Your goal is simple:...14.57
Flood Runner Armageddon is a  developed by Bryan Deflin and playable on This game features badges.
Flood Runner Armageddonskill platformby Bryan Deflin - Flood Runner is back! A huge wave of water is coming to drown and lit...14.56
The Visitor Returns is a creepy puzzle game developed by ClickShake Games and playable on
The Visitor Returnsscaryhorrorbloodyby ClickShake Games - The highly requested sequel is now here! The Visitor Returns is ...14.56
Gone to the Dogs is a  developed by Shockwood & robotJAM and playable on This game features badges highscores.
Gone to the Dogssport sim petsby Shockwood - Gone to the Dogs is the latest in sports gambling on dog racing entertai...14.56
Gun Blood is a  developed by Andrew Wolf and playable on
Gun Bloodkilling shootingby Andrew Wolf - Top gunslingers wanted! In the quite bloody shootout skill game 'Gun B...14.56
Dead Zed is a Post-apocalyptic shooting game with zombies and to developed by Dmitry Kurteanu & Egor Kurteanu and playable on
Dead Zedzombie doomsdayby Dmitry Kurteanu - You woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The broadcast sa...14.56
Brat Baseball is a funny and addictive baseball arcade flash game developed by and playable on This game features highscores.
Brat Baseballsport funny skillby - Use your baseball skills to terrorize your neighborhood! To earn points...14.56
Thing Thing Arena is a  developed by DiseasedProductions and playable on
Thing Thing Arenaaction shootingby DiseasedProductions - 14.56
bit Dungeon is a retro top down dungeon game with cool levels and enemies developed by Tom Heinecke, Jordan Applewhite, Rob Keiser & Stan and playable on This game features badges.
bit Dungeonadventure rpg retroby Tom Heinecke - bit Dungeon is an cool retro adventure game where you play as an knig...14.56
Oiligarchy is a  developed by Molleindustria and playable on
Oiligarchystrategyby Molleindustria - You work for the biggest Oil company in the world and your task as ...14.56
Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep is a adventure rpg developed by BulletProof Arcade and playable on
Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keepadventureby BulletProof Arcade - The minions of Vulkhan have ravaged the lands of the Great Nort...14.56
Toxie Radd 3D is a  developed by XPlored and playable on
Toxie Radd 3Dzombie shooting fpsby XPlored - In Toxie Radd 3D you play as Joe, an ex-inmate used as a specimen for a ma...14.56
Dino Shift is a casual puzzle-platformer developed by FuzzyMint & Tyler and playable on
Dino Shiftplatform puzzleby FuzzyMint - Help Murphy the Dino collect gummy blocks in this fun puzzle platform ga...14.56
Ascension is a psychological horror game with great gameplay and tons of monsters developed by Magnesium Ninja and playable on
Ascensionscary downloadby Magnesium Ninja - Ascension is a horror game with an emphasis on atmosphere and stor...14.56
Planet Wars is a top-down alien shooting action game with great missions and tons of upgrades developed by Cole Jefferies and playable on This game features highscores.
Planet Warstop down sci fiby Cole Jefferies - Play as Captain Church, a mercenary that has been hired by the Alph...14.56
Ancient Aliens: The Roots of Sound is a funny point and click indie game developed by Ugly Files and playable on
Ancient Aliens: The Roots of Soundadventure puzzleby Ugly Files - Fallow the adventures of our protagonist, Chet Gasbag to uncover the my...14.56
wpnFire is a  developed by Tekkan, Stone, SniperZ & Winterwind-NS and playable on
wpnFireshootingby Tekkan - 14.55
Sift Heads is a  developed by Chriss, The-Luck and playable on
Sift Headsaction shootingby Chriss - 14.55
Last Line of Defense First Wave is a  developed by Ninjakiwi Games and playable on This game features highscores.
Last Line of Defense First Wavezombie doomsday fpsby Ninjakiwi Games - The city has been invaded by these blood thirsty zombies and you f...14.55
Realm of the Mad God is a  developed by WildShadow&SpryFox and playable on
Realm of the Mad Godmultiplayer shootingby WildShadow - Choose your favorite hero and start kicking some enemies as you gain ex...14.55
Plazma Burst 1 is a  developed by SiBiTrix Team and playable on
Plazma Burst 1shooting actionby SiBiTrix Team - Blast enemies, earn money and upgrade your solider as you try to sav...14.55
The Illusionists Dream is a  developed by ArmorGames and playable on
The Illusionists Dreamadventure puzzleby ArmorGames - Once upon a time there was a Great Magical performer who entertained cr...14.55
Dead Lab is a survival zombie game developed by Salokin Games and playable on
Dead Labscary horror zombieby Salokin Games - Find a way to escape from the Dead Lab! Zombies and other monsters c...14.55
Ninja Popcorn is a Swipe your finger over hot kernals and pop them into popcorn! Swipe several at a time (and then rele developed by Dave Munsie and playable on This game features highscores.
Ninja Popcornskill ninja arcadeby Dave Munsie - Pop them kernals into popcorn! Swipe your mouse across the screen popp...14.55
The Price is a artsy point-and-click story developed by Flip-N-Tale and playable on
The Pricepoint'n'click puzzleby Flip-N-Tale - Once upon a time, in a different world and time, not all were equal. I...14.55
Penguin Massacre is a  developed by Christopher Gregorio and playable on
Penguin Massacreshooting penguinby Christopher Gregorio - Defend your igloo and keep shooting the penguins with bigger ...14.54
Papa's Pizzeria is a  developed by Flipline Studios and playable on This game features highscores.
Papa's Pizzeriaarcadeby Flipline Studios - 14.54
Boxhead 2 Play is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
Boxhead 2 Playzombieby Seant Cooper - 14.54
Swer Run is a  developed by Mahsye and playable on
Swer Runsportby Mahsye - 14.54
Hobo is a  developed by ArmorGames and playable on
Hobofightingby ArmorGames - Move, attack and use objects in this sidescrolling fighting game.14.54
Decision is a top down zombie shooter flash game developed by FlyAnvil & Denis Kukushkin and playable on This game features highscores.
Decisionzombie killingby FlyAnvil - The entire world is under zombie domination and you are one of the few su...14.54
Boxhead The Rooms is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
Boxhead The Roomszombieby Seant Cooper - 14.54
Bob the Robber 2 is a stealth based flash game were you play as a thief developed by Alexey Davydov, George Studenikin & Darya Kulichko and playable on This game features highscores.
Bob the Robber 2thief cop stealthby Alexey Davydov - Play as Bob the burglar and sneak your way through heavily-guarded ...14.54
Paranoiac is a freeware 2d horror adventure game with very intense atmosphere and lots of jump-scares developed by Uri & Vgperson and playable on
Paranoiacscary rpg adventureby Uri - A true horror adventure game with creepy atmosphere and great storyline. The s...14.54
Broken Earth is a awesome 3d top-down action shooting game that can be played in survival mode or even  multiplayer developed by teamINOV and playable on
Broken Earthmultiplayer 3dby teamINOV - Broken Earth is an top-down shooting game with addictive gameplay and hug...14.54
Zombotron 2 is a physics based zombie killing game with great gameplay and atmosphere developed by Ant Karlov and playable on This game features highscores.
Zombotron 2zombie physicsby Ant Karlov - Help our protagonist to escape the zombie infested planet. Shoot your w...14.54
Dig to China is a fun little digging flash game with upgrades and pixel graphics developed by Octopodo and playable on
Dig to Chinadigging mining pixelby Octopodo - Cute little digging game with pixel graphics. Dig your way to China as fa...14.54
Mahjong Cubes is a challenging mahjong game with cute graphics developed by BRAM12 and playable on This game features highscores.
Mahjong Cubesmahjong board puzzleby BRAM12 - A nice casual mahjong game with procedurally generated levels. Click on two...14.54
Classic Zork Trilogy is a the free version of the classic zork trilogy game developed by  and playable on
Classic Zork Trilogytext based adventureThe Zork trilogy is a collection of classic text adventure games produced b...14.54
Howmonica is a cute puzzle platformer with pixel graphics developed by Spydog and playable on
Howmonicagravity platformby Spydog - Help our funny looking character to color all the blocks. Use the gravity a...14.54
Diner Dash Hometown Hero is a  developed by Play First and playable on
Diner Dash Hometown Herogirlsby Play First - Keep costumers happy by serving them as fast as you can. The happier th...14.53
Cut the Rope is a  developed by ZeptoLab and playable on
Cut the Ropeskill puzzle petsby ZeptoLab - Cut the ropes and deliver the candy to our funny looking fellow OmNom. Tr...14.53
Doom 1 is a  developed by id Software and playable on
Doom 1shootingby id Software - Here comes the good old Doom now in flash format. Explore the base and...14.53
Black Rose is a 3d horror game inspired from the popular Slenderman game series developed by Jacob Ryle and playable on
Black Rosescary ghost horrorby Jacob Ryle - You assume the role of Linda, an average girl who heard rumors about an...14.53
Boom Town is a awesome Gold Rush sim game developed by thePodge and playable on This game features highscores.
Boom Townsim tycoon drivingby thePodge - Build the ultimate Boom Town by mining gold on the mountainside. Buy expl...14.53
Tinysasters 2 is a city builder type pf game with cute graphics developed by Isabelle Volute &Thomas Ygwee and playable on
Tinysasters 2strategy sim boardby Isabelle Volute - Develop your civilization on a tiny tile-based world. Fight your w...14.53
Creeper World 2 Academy Missions is a  developed by Knuckle Cracker and playable on
Creeper World 2 Academy Missionsstrategy defense rtsby Knuckle Cracker - Travel from world to world in your Liberation Ship as you destroy ...14.53
Shopping Cart Hero is a  developed by MonkeyWantBanana and playable on This game features highscores.
Shopping Cart Herofunny launch stickby MonkeyWantBanana - Run with your shopping cart, jump in it and see how far you can g...14.52
Thing Thing 3 is a  developed by DiseasedProductions and playable on
Thing Thing 3action shootingby DiseasedProductions - 14.52
Bomb It2 is a  developed by AGame and playable on
Bomb It2arcade 2 playersby AGame - Move around the area planting bombs and trying to collect as many bomb it ar...14.52
Easy Joe is a  developed by Gamystar and playable on
Easy Joepuzzle bunnies petsby Gamystar - Help the funny looking creature to solve different puzzles in this cute p...14.52
Zombies Inc is a  developed by Thomas Griffin & Evil Space Chicken and playable on
Zombies Incmanagement upgradesby Thomas Griffin - Being the CEO of the Zombies inc requires some mad skills. You will...14.52
Owl's Nest is a  developed by PastelGames and playable on
Owl's Nestadventure detectiveby PastelGames - At the end of 1943 Nazis launched the project RIESE. In the Owl mounta...14.52
Dark Soul: Path of Awakening is a awesome horror shooting game with killing monsters and lots of blood developed by Vempire Tales and playable on
Dark Soul: Path of Awakeningscary shooting fpsby Vempire Tales - Ready for a journey to Hell and back? Grab your guns and let's go! P...14.52
Rizzoli and Isles: The Boston Butcher is a detective point and click game developed by PastelGames and playable on
Rizzoli and Isles: The Boston Butcheradventurepuzzleby PastelGames - Detective, there's been a murder at the docks. Make sure you talk to t...14.52
Sift Heads World Act 4 is a  developed by Eddy Larkin and playable on
Sift Heads World Act 4action shootingby Eddy Larkin - Shorty goes all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and th...14.52
Gunfire Echoes is a  developed by Bekho Team and playable on
Gunfire Echoesshooting actionby Bekho Team - Protect your lands from the invaders at all costs. Gain experience by k...14.52
Fear Less is a run and bomp flash game developed by Greg Lane, Anna Oliver & Tony McCoy and playable on This game features highscores.
Fear Lessrunning skill pixelby Greg Lane - Help our heroine outrun the Death in this great run and bomb flash game....14.52
Scene of the Crime Golden Doll is a  developed by Mateusz Skutnik and playable on
Scene of the Crime Golden Dollpuzzle detectiveby Mateusz Skutnik - It was a quiet night. Until now. It all began when the phone rang....14.52
A Rabbit Fable is a creepy adventure point and click developed by AntennariaGames and playable on
A Rabbit Fableadventure puzzleby AntennariaGames - A rabbit wants to live in the land he had always dreamed of, but b...14.52
Foreign Creature 2 is a creepy puzzle developed by Belugerin Studios and playable on This game features badges.
Foreign Creature 2scary horror puzzleby Belugerin Studios - Here comes the second chapter of the Foreign Creature series. Pl...14.51
Coma is a  developed by Thomas Brush & Witty Hobos and playable on
Comaadventure platformby Thomas Brush - In this great adventure game you must help Pete to find his way throu...14.51
Necrorun is a action platformer developed by LetheGames and playable on This game features highscores.
Necrorunplatform run and gunby LetheGames - You have been challenged by the knights to a duel. If they win, Death w...14.51
Pac Xon is a  developed by  and playable on
Pac XonskillAvoid the ghosts to stay alive, and eat the food for special power-ups!14.51
Civilizations Wars is a awesome war games with lots of factions developed by Cave of Wonders and playable on This game features highscores.
Civilizations Warsstrategy war fantasyby Cave of Wonders - Civilizations Wars is a fast thinking casual RTS/RPG game, with de...14.51
Epic Coaster is a  developed by ReviveGames and playable on
Epic Coasterskill hop and bopby ReviveGames - Navigate from track to track using only ONE button. Try to land on the...14.51
Sift Heads World Act 2 is a  developed by Pyrozen and playable on
Sift Heads World Act 2action shootingby Pyrozen - With the Yakuza on their tail, Kiro, Vinnie and Shorty will fly to Tokyo J...14.51
Dj Sheepwolf Mixer 3 is a  developed by Filipe Sheepwolf and playable on
Dj Sheepwolf Mixer 3skill rhythm musicby Filipe Sheepwolf - A less complex but even better version of the popular DJ Sheepwol...14.51
Shadez is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
Shadezstrategy defense warby Seant Cooper - Guide your black ops troops into battle!14.51
Swordsman Steve is a stick based brawler side-scrolling game developed by Max Morgon, Travis Steven & Justin Weibe and playable on
Swordsman Stevestick fightingby Max Morgon - Help out Swordsman Steve fight his way through a ton of challenging lev...14.51
Shadowess is a challenging skill game with smart enemies developed by Playchilla and playable on
Shadowessskill puzzle skillby Playchilla - Tactical shadow game, sneak around, don't get heard and stay in the dar...14.51
Flooded Village is a fun puzzle game with pirates developed by Staal Media and playable on
Flooded Villagepuzzle pirate cuteby Staal Media - Divert trickles of water from the nearby river to make trees grow and ...14.51
Wait is a mystery horror game inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series developed by rest.less Games and playable on
Waitscary creepy sci fiby rest.less Games - And there I stand, fed and alone, my heart is heavy as a stone. My...14.51
Red Rogue is a creepy turn-based adventure game with rpg elements developed by Pavel Podberezko & Grin Danilov and playable on
Red Roguerpg platform monsterby Pavel Podberezko - Join Red Rogue and her silent minion in their journey into the Ch...14.51
Hotel 626 is a interactive horror game developed by Snack Strong Productions and playable on
Hotel 626scaryhorrorby Snack Strong Productions - If you're brave enough, your room is ready... The game is...14.50
A Small Talk is a post-apocalyptic text-based game with creepy atmosphere developed by ScriptWelder and playable on This game features badges.
A Small Talksci fi creepy escapeby ScriptWelder - A nuclear conflict brake out and the World has been destroyed. You, w...14.50
Urbex is a creepy point and click adventure game developed by Psionic Games and playable on This game features highscores.
Urbexscary adventureby Psionic Games - Urbex is the exploration of old abandoned buildings and man-made str...14.50
Amea is a horror hack and slash game developed by Godlimations and playable on
Ameascary hack and slashby Godlimations - A nicely illustrated horror adventure RPG game with an intriguing sto...14.50
Hitstick Redemption is a  developed by Pyrozen and playable on
Hitstick Redemptionaction shootingby Pyrozen - Assassinate key targets before they figure out you`ve come to terminate th...14.50
Carveola Incident is a  developed by Gjorgji Krstevki, Mirko Bajadzijevski & Mihailo An and playable on
Carveola Incidentzombie doomsdayby Gjorgji Krstevki - The war was finally over. We survived. They trained us well but, ...14.50
Mechanical Commando 2 is a  developed by BerzerkStudio and playable on This game features badges.
Mechanical Commando 2action robot arenaby BerzerkStudio - After centuries of well maintained peace, the federation is now unde...14.50
The Masterpiece Murders is a  developed by PastelGames and playable on
The Masterpiece Murderspuzzle detectiveby PastelGames - Help detectives Rizzoli and Isles to find the missing links between th...14.50
Quake Flash is a  developed by ID Software and playable on
Quake Flashshooting fps monsterby ID Software - Here comes the flash version of one of the once most popular first-per...14.50
Slay with Santa is a side-scrolling shooting game with Santa and lots of villains developed by MarshGames, FlashChaz & MDK and playable on This game features highscores.
Slay with Santadubstep shootingby MarshGames - Wild monsters have broken into Santa's workshop and eaten all the prese...14.50
BigTime Butter Baron is a tetris like game developed by Megadev and playable on This game features highscores.
BigTime Butter Baronpuzzlearcade skillby Megadev - The objective is to fulfill the day's quota by placing the butterblock sha...14.50
Steampunk Tower is a original tower defense game with a unique steampunk theme developed by Dreamgate and playable on This game features highscores.
Steampunk Towersteampunk defenseby Dreamgate - Welcome to Steampunk Tower. You are commissioned to command an advanced ...14.50
Cursed Treasure is a  developed by IriySoft and playable on
Cursed Treasurestrategy defenseby IriySoft - Protect your gems from being stolen by humans in this tower defense game.14.50
Pencil Rebel is a  developed by Grzegorz Kozakiewicz and playable on
Pencil Rebeladventureby Grzegorz Kozakiewicz - Find a way to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.14.50
They Took our Candy is a Halloween themed retro sidescroller flash game developed by Rachid1984 and playable on This game features highscores.
They Took our Candyshooting retro pixelby Rachid1984 - Oh noo!! The extraterrestrial invaders decided to steal all the candies...14.50
Idle Web Tycoon is a web tycoon sim game with upgrades developed by HThomson and playable on
Idle Web Tycoontycoon sim upgradesby HThomson - Build an website and learn how to get revenue from it in this great websi...14.50
Explobirds is a  developed by GamesFree and playable on
Explobirdsskill tank maze petsby GamesFree - Launch missiles and draw their route to blow up the funny looking birds....14.50
Pigs will Fly is a time-traveling multi-cursor puzzle game developed by Elliot Pace and playable on
Pigs will Flypuzzle physicsby Elliot Pace - The goal is to get the pig to the rainbow potion bottle. Select up to ...14.50
Wilt: Last Blossom is a an 8bit adventure flash game with creepy atmosphere and post-apocalyptic story developed by Asvegren and playable on
Wilt: Last Blossompixel platform loveby Asvegren - You are one of few survivors in a world destroyed by man made pollution. ...14.50
Zombie Basebal is a  developed by FreeCreator & David Ferriz and playable on
Zombie Basebalzombieby FreeCreator - Fend off twenty waves of zombie attacks using only your trusty bat and...14.49