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Governor of poker is a  developed by YoudaGames and playable on
Governor of pokerTo become the Governor of Poker you have to start by winning every home in San Saba! Take them down city by city, town to...
Sierra 7 is a  developed by Simon Hanson and playable on
Sierra 7This is a flash based first person shooter specifically an on-rails FPS. This game features fully 3D rendered environment...
10 Bullets is a  developed by Sushistory and playable on This game features highscores.
10 BulletsHow many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets?
JellyGo is a funny strategy flash game recommended for kids but not only developed by AvoxGames and playable on This game features highscores.
JellyGoLead your Jelly army to victory! Conquer enemy buildings and use them to generate as many jellies as possible to overwhel...
Toxie Radd 3D is a  developed by XPlored and playable on
Toxie Radd 3DIn Toxie Radd 3D you play as Joe, an ex-inmate used as a specimen for a mad experiment .Your mission is to find a way out...
Ballooner is a fun physics type of game developed by Rocanten and playable on
BalloonerTry to save all good balloons and pop all evil ones in this cute physics puzzle game. 5 balloon types with unique skills ...
Classic Zork Trilogy is a the free version of the classic zork trilogy game developed by  and playable on
Classic Zork TrilogyThe Zork trilogy is a collection of classic text adventure games produced by Infocom in the 1980s. You can play the serie...
The King of Fighters Wing full is a  developed by FlashWing Studio and playable on
The King of Fighte...One of the best flash fighting game in the internet up to now. The game is based on The king of fighters which is a very ...
Age of War 2 is a  developed by Louis Simon Menord and playable on
Age of War 2Destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy's.
Dino Run is a  developed by PixelJam and playable on
Dino RunThe aim of the game is quite simple...escape the wall of doom and find your dino sanctuary. Use W,A,S,D keys to move the ...
Rock paper scisor is a  developed by THIS IS POP and playable on
Rock paper scisor
Pocket Fighter Nova is a  developed by FizzGames and playable on
Pocket Fighter NovaPocket Fighter Nova is the flash edition of Super Pocket Fighter (mini street fighter). Choose your favorite character an...
Oiligarchy is a  developed by Molleindustria and playable on
OiligarchyYou work for the biggest Oil company in the world and your task as CEO is to search for the oil and turn it into gold by ...
Shapik is a puzzle point and click adventure flash game recommended for kids developed by Pavel Podberezko & Grin Danilov and playable on
ShapikShapik's sister has been kidnapped by a mysterious creature and now it's up to you to track down the villain. Use your mo...
Talesworth Arena is a  developed by Sean Gailey & Miguel Rojas and playable on
Talesworth ArenaFight your way through ten levels of foul creatures. Gain experience and slay Krax and become the new Arena Master.
Alienocalypse is a  developed by BerzerkStudio & Rasmus Larsen and playable on
AlienocalypseIn Alienocalypse, you play as an alien invader. Your goal is simple: annihilate the major Earth cities. But be aware, the...
Flood Runner Armageddon is a  developed by Bryan Deflin and playable on This game features badges.
Flood Runner Armag...Flood Runner is back! A huge wave of water is coming to drown and little stickman hero.. Run, jump, double-jump from plat...
The Visitor Returns is a creepy puzzle game developed by ClickShake Games and playable on
The Visitor ReturnsThe highly requested sequel is now here! The Visitor Returns is filled with more horror and gore than ever before. Guide...
Gone to the Dogs is a  developed by Shockwood & robotJAM and playable on This game features badges highscores.
Gone to the DogsGone to the Dogs is the latest in sports gambling on dog racing entertainment. The player is a dog trainer just starting ...
Gun Blood is a  developed by Andrew Wolf and playable on
Gun BloodTop gunslingers wanted! In the quite bloody shootout skill game 'Gun Blood' you will have to shoot down rivals as fast as...
Last Line of Defense First Wave is a  developed by Ninjakiwi Games and playable on This game features highscores.
Last Line of Defen...The city has been invaded by these blood thirsty zombies and you find yourself behind the last line of defense in their w...
Dead Zed is a Post-apocalyptic shooting game with zombies and to developed by Dmitry Kurteanu & Egor Kurteanu and playable on
Dead ZedYou woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The broadcast said that you'll have to hold up for 40 days for the hel...
Brat Baseball is a funny and addictive baseball arcade flash game developed by and playable on This game features highscores.
Brat BaseballUse your baseball skills to terrorize your neighborhood! To earn points you will have to destroy your neighbor's windows,...
Thing Thing Arena is a  developed by DiseasedProductions and playable on
Thing Thing Arena
Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep is a adventure rpg developed by BulletProof Arcade and playable on
Dungeon King: Drea...The minions of Vulkhan have ravaged the lands of the Great Northern Mountains unopposed. Crushing any hero brave enough t...
Dino Shift is a casual puzzle-platformer developed by FuzzyMint & Tyler and playable on
Dino ShiftHelp Murphy the Dino collect gummy blocks in this fun puzzle platform game. Collect enough blocks by changing color to op...
Planet Wars is a top-down alien shooting action game with great missions and tons of upgrades developed by Cole Jefferies and playable on This game features highscores.
Planet WarsPlay as Captain Church, a mercenary that has been hired by the AlphaTech organization to enter the planet Gillian Minor a...
Ancient Aliens: The Roots of Sound is a funny point and click indie game developed by Ugly Files and playable on
Ancient Aliens: Th...Fallow the adventures of our protagonist, Chet Gasbag to uncover the mysteries behind his father's death. The game stars ...
wpnFire is a  developed by Tekkan, Stone, SniperZ & Winterwind-NS and playable on
Sift Heads is a  developed by Chriss, The-Luck and playable on
Sift Heads
Realm of the Mad God is a  developed by WildShadow&SpryFox and playable on
Realm of the Mad GodChoose your favorite hero and start kicking some enemies as you gain experience and cool items in this great co-op fantas...
The Illusionists Dream is a  developed by ArmorGames and playable on
The Illusionists D...Once upon a time there was a Great Magical performer who entertained crowds with his tricks and illusions. But when the o...
Ninja Popcorn is a Swipe your finger over hot kernals and pop them into popcorn! Swipe several at a time (and then rele developed by Dave Munsie and playable on This game features highscores.
Ninja PopcornPop them kernals into popcorn! Swipe your mouse across the screen popping as many kernals as you can. The game features 4...
The Price is a artsy point-and-click story developed by Flip-N-Tale and playable on
The PriceOnce upon a time, in a different world and time, not all were equal. It was a time of rulers, and those who ruled. Betwee...
Penguin Massacre is a  developed by Christopher Gregorio and playable on
Penguin MassacreDefend your igloo and keep shooting the penguins with bigger and better guns.
Papa's Pizzeria is a  developed by Flipline Studios and playable on This game features highscores.
Papa's Pizzeria
Boxhead 2 Play is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
Boxhead 2 Play
Swer Run is a  developed by Mahsye and playable on
Swer Run
Hobo is a  developed by ArmorGames and playable on
HoboMove, attack and use objects in this sidescrolling fighting game.
Plazma Burst 1 is a  developed by SiBiTrix Team and playable on
Plazma Burst 1Blast enemies, earn money and upgrade your solider as you try to save the planet from impending doom. Plasma Burst requir...
Decision is a top down zombie shooter flash game developed by FlyAnvil & Denis Kukushkin and playable on This game features highscores.
DecisionThe entire world is under zombie domination and you are one of the few survivors left. Try to find a way to survive! Reco...
Boxhead The Rooms is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
Boxhead The Rooms
Black Rose is a 3d horror game inspired from the popular Slenderman game series developed by Jacob Ryle and playable on
Black RoseYou assume the role of Linda, an average girl who heard rumors about an old abandoned funeral home being haunted. No one ...
Bob the Robber 2 is a stealth based flash game were you play as a thief developed by Alexey Davydov, George Studenikin & Darya Kulichko and playable on This game features highscores.
Bob the Robber 2Play as Bob the burglar and sneak your way through heavily-guarded buildings to complete your objectives. Collect as muc...
Zombotron 2 is a physics based zombie killing game with great gameplay and atmosphere developed by Ant Karlov and playable on This game features highscores.
Zombotron 2Help our protagonist to escape the zombie infested planet. Shoot your way out of this God forsake place. Make sure to col...
Dig to China is a fun little digging flash game with upgrades and pixel graphics developed by Octopodo and playable on
Dig to ChinaCute little digging game with pixel graphics. Dig your way to China as fast as possible! Gather resources to buy upgrades...
Ascension is a psychological horror game with great gameplay and tons of monsters developed by Magnesium Ninja and playable on
AscensionAscension is a horror game with an emphasis on atmosphere and storytelling. For the best experience, play the game in a d...
Hood Episode 4 is a the final part of the popular point and click series, Hood developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.
Hood Episode 4The final episode in the hood series. Find out where hood went, why she's there, and if she can be saved.
Howmonica is a cute puzzle platformer with pixel graphics developed by Spydog and playable on
HowmonicaHelp our funny looking character to color all the blocks. Use the gravity at your own advantage and make sure not to step...
Diner Dash Hometown Hero is a  developed by Play First and playable on
Diner Dash Hometow...Keep costumers happy by serving them as fast as you can. The happier they are, the more points you'll earn.
Cut the Rope is a  developed by ZeptoLab and playable on
Cut the RopeCut the ropes and deliver the candy to our funny looking fellow OmNom. Try to collect all the stars for extra score.
Doom 1 is a  developed by id Software and playable on
Doom 1Here comes the good old Doom now in flash format. Explore the base and find out what happened to your fellow Marines. Mor...
Dead Lab is a survival zombie game developed by Salokin Games and playable on
Dead LabFind a way to escape from the Dead Lab! Zombies and other monsters can be around every corner, so be careful.
You Find Yourself In A Room is a  developed by Eli Piilonen & David Carney and playable on
You Find Yourself ...An original text based adventure game made by Eli Piilonen. Use your keyboard to enter commands. Use your brain to demons...
Rizzoli and Isles: The Boston Butcher is a detective point and click game developed by PastelGames and playable on
Rizzoli and Isles:...Detective, there's been a murder at the docks. Make sure you talk to the officers at the crime scene. There are many clue...
Paranoiac is a freeware 2d horror adventure game with very intense atmosphere and lots of jump-scares developed by Uri & Vgperson and playable on
ParanoiacA true horror adventure game with creepy atmosphere and great storyline. The story fallows Miki Takamura, a book writer, ...
Broken Earth is a awesome 3d top-down action shooting game that can be played in survival mode or even  multiplayer developed by teamINOV and playable on
Broken EarthBroken Earth is an top-down shooting game with addictive gameplay and huge arsenal. The game can be played in Singleplaye...
Boom Town is a awesome Gold Rush sim game developed by thePodge and playable on This game features highscores.
Boom TownBuild the ultimate Boom Town by mining gold on the mountainside. Buy explosives first and use them to mine the gold. Use ...
Tinysasters 2 is a city builder type pf game with cute graphics developed by Isabelle Volute &Thomas Ygwee and playable on
Tinysasters 2Develop your civilization on a tiny tile-based world. Fight your way through natural disasters that reconfigure the groun...
Creeper World 2 Academy Missions is a  developed by Knuckle Cracker and playable on
Creeper World 2 Ac...Travel from world to world in your Liberation Ship as you destroy the Creeper that ravaged your civilization.
Foreign Creature 2 is a creepy puzzle developed by Belugerin Studios and playable on This game features badges.
Foreign Creature 2Here comes the second chapter of the Foreign Creature series. Play the role of a blood-thirsty alien sent to planet Earth...
Shopping Cart Hero is a  developed by MonkeyWantBanana and playable on This game features highscores.
Shopping Cart HeroRun with your shopping cart, jump in it and see how far you can go. Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what i...
Thing Thing 3 is a  developed by DiseasedProductions and playable on
Thing Thing 3
Bomb It2 is a  developed by AGame and playable on
Bomb It2Move around the area planting bombs and trying to collect as many bomb it artifacts as you can.You can play in Single Pla...
Owl's Nest is a  developed by PastelGames and playable on
Owl's NestAt the end of 1943 Nazis launched the project RIESE. In the Owl mountains is Silesia they formed a gigantic system of fac...
Sift Heads World Act 4 is a  developed by Eddy Larkin and playable on
Sift Heads World A...Shorty goes all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement.
Gunfire Echoes is a  developed by Bekho Team and playable on
Gunfire EchoesProtect your lands from the invaders at all costs. Gain experience by killing your enemies and upgrade your skills to def...
Fear Less is a run and bomp flash game developed by Greg Lane, Anna Oliver & Tony McCoy and playable on This game features highscores.
Fear LessHelp our heroine outrun the Death in this great run and bomb flash game. Grab the coins while running and use them to pur...
Moon Waltz is a funny sidescrolling game with werewolf developed by Marius Fietzek & Benedikt Hummel and playable on
Moon WaltzHelp our dude travel through the village in search for a cigarette vending machine. Your job is to push the clouds away s...
A Rabbit Fable is a creepy adventure point and click developed by AntennariaGames and playable on
A Rabbit FableA rabbit wants to live in the land he had always dreamed of, but being rejected he finds himself in a disturbing swamp in...
Coma is a  developed by Thomas Brush & Witty Hobos and playable on
ComaIn this great adventure game you must help Pete to find his way through his mysterious and subconscious world.
Necrorun is a action platformer developed by LetheGames and playable on This game features highscores.
NecrorunYou have been challenged by the knights to a duel. If they win, Death will reward them immortality.
Pac Xon is a  developed by  and playable on
Pac XonAvoid the ghosts to stay alive, and eat the food for special power-ups!
Civilizations Wars is a awesome war games with lots of factions developed by Cave of Wonders and playable on This game features highscores.
Civilizations WarsCivilizations Wars is a fast thinking casual RTS/RPG game, with deep tactic capabilities and amazing graphic in unique st...
Zombies Inc is a  developed by Thomas Griffin & Evil Space Chicken and playable on
Zombies IncBeing the CEO of the Zombies inc requires some mad skills. You will be in charge of the development, deployment and profi...
Dark Soul: Path of Awakening is a awesome horror shooting game with killing monsters and lots of blood developed by Vempire Tales and playable on
Dark Soul: Path of...Ready for a journey to Hell and back? Grab your guns and let's go! Prepare to go through endless hallways crawling with d...
Epic Coaster is a  developed by ReviveGames and playable on
Epic CoasterNavigate from track to track using only ONE button. Try to land on the edge of for a perfect jump bonus.
Sift Heads World Act 2 is a  developed by Pyrozen and playable on
Sift Heads World A...With the Yakuza on their tail, Kiro, Vinnie and Shorty will fly to Tokyo Japan to confront a crime lord that is set on ge...
Dj Sheepwolf Mixer 3 is a  developed by Filipe Sheepwolf and playable on
Dj Sheepwolf Mixer 3A less complex but even better version of the popular DJ Sheepwolf Mixer game.
Shadez is a  developed by Seant Cooper and playable on
ShadezGuide your black ops troops into battle!
Scene of the Crime Golden Doll is a  developed by Mateusz Skutnik and playable on
Scene of the Crime...It was a quiet night. Until now. It all began when the phone rang. A small house on the beach, something really bad happe...
Swordsman Steve is a stick based brawler side-scrolling game developed by Max Morgon, Travis Steven & Justin Weibe and playable on
Swordsman SteveHelp out Swordsman Steve fight his way through a ton of challenging levels and experience realistic ragdoll deaths!
Shadowess is a challenging skill game with smart enemies developed by Playchilla and playable on
ShadowessTactical shadow game, sneak around, don't get heard and stay in the darkness.
Flooded Village is a fun puzzle game with pirates developed by Staal Media and playable on
Flooded VillageDivert trickles of water from the nearby river to make trees grow and to aid the pirates. Be careful not to drown any vil...
Red Rogue is a creepy turn-based adventure game with rpg elements developed by Pavel Podberezko & Grin Danilov and playable on
Red RogueJoin Red Rogue and her silent minion in their journey into the Chaos Dungeons, a cursed place filled with evil monsters a...
Range of the Dead is a zombie shooting sniper game developed by Evil Dog and playable on
Range of the DeadTest your sniper skills in this great zombie shooting game. The game wants to be pretty realistic so you will have to dea...
Hotel 626 is a interactive horror game developed by Snack Strong Productions and playable on
Hotel 626If you're brave enough, your room is ready... The game is available to play between the hours of 6PM and 6AM only but you...
SlenderSpace is a a combination between two highly recommend scary video games, Slender-man and Dead Space developed by Ricky Murray and playable on
SlenderSpaceSlenderSpace is a combination between two of the most scariest video games, SlenderMan and Dead Space. Your objective is ...
A Small Talk is a post-apocalyptic text-based game with creepy atmosphere developed by ScriptWelder and playable on This game features badges.
A Small TalkA nuclear conflict brake out and the World has been destroyed. You, with some other survivors, were selected by the gover...
Hitstick Redemption is a  developed by Pyrozen and playable on
Hitstick RedemptionAssassinate key targets before they figure out you`ve come to terminate them. You can disguise yourself in various outfit...
Carveola Incident is a  developed by Gjorgji Krstevki, Mirko Bajadzijevski & Mihailo An and playable on
Carveola IncidentThe war was finally over. We survived. They trained us well but, nothing could ever prepare us for what came. For some un...
Redstar Fall is a  developed by Stankevich K. and playable on This game features badges.
Redstar FallPut your Redstar on the platform by removing other shapes in this fun, physic-based game!
Zombo Buster is a zombie defense shooting game with addictive gameplay and tons of levels and upgrades developed by Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto & Hanrianto Tan and playable on This game features badges.
Zombo BusterProtect your building from hordes of zombies. Deploy units to each floor to stop them. Collect the money after killing th...