Top 1000 Games

Play 'Vanish', a 3d maze exploring game with dark atmosphere developed by Mark Lemmons
4.68download required
Play 'Diggy', a cute digging game featuring great gameplay and lots of upgrades developed by Vogd. This game features badges.
4.68badges enabled(16)
Play 'Misao', a exploration horror adventure game with great storyline and gameplay developed by Sen
4.68download required
Play 'Sherlock Holmes: Checkmate', a 3d fast-paced action game developed by Warner Brothers
4.67Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Five Nights at Freddy's 2', a part 2 of the popular five night's t freddy's video game developed by Scott Cawthon
4.67download required
Play 'Dungeon Nightmares', a 3d horror game featuring intense atmosphere and randomized dungeons. The game is inspired from the S developed by K Monkey
4.67Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Eyes', a 3d first person horror game developed by Paulina Pabis
4.65Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Haunt: The Real Slender', a independed adventure/horror game project inspired by Parsec Productions Slender: The Eight Pages developed by ParanormalDev Team
4.65download required
Play 'Awesome Tanks' developed by Alex. This game features badges.
4.64badges enabled(6)
Play '7 Days', a an 3d horror adventure game free to download. The game is windows compatible and features great atmo developed by Adriano Tumminelli
4.64download required
Play 'Deeper Sleep', a scary point and click adventure game with creepy game-play and storyline developed by ScriptWelder. This game features badges.
4.64badges enabled(4)
Play 'The Deepest Sleep', a scary point and click pixel game developed by ScriptWelder. This game features badges.
4.64badges enabled(3)
Play 'Coyote's Chase ', a funny 3d launch game with famous cartoon heroes developed by
4.63Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Jets of War', a 3d action shooting game with planes developed by
4.63Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Slendytubbies', a a remake of the popular 3d horror game, Slenderman developed by Sean Toman
4.63Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Thing Thing Arena 3' developed by Diseased Productions. This game features badges.
4.63badges enabled(4)
Play 'The Last Door: Chapter 1', a the first chapter of the popular adventure point and click game, The Last Door developed by theGameKitchen. This game features badges.
4.63badges enabled(1)
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Play 'Red Moon' developed by Sun Studious
4.42 | rank #381 | fans 161
Play 'Coyote's Chase ', a funny 3d launch game with famous cartoon heroes developed by
4.63 | rank #90 | fans 37
Play 'A Night in the Woods', a 3d post apocalyptical scary game with disturbing mood developed by Amy Dentata
3.53 | rank #1567 | fans 53
Play 'Troll Tale', a funny point and click adventure game for kids developed by ppllaayy
4.41 | rank #410 | fans 21
Play 'Flash's Bounty', a turn based fantasy game inspired from the popular video game, Heroes of Might and Magic developed by ZyBy
4.30 | rank #606 | fans 8