Leave the room

Leave the room is an shoth rpg thriller with easy puzzles developed by Zena
Leave the room has been developed by Zena
There was this new student in my high school, he kept looking at me weirdly. He gave me a bunch of books and told me: 'Teacher wants you to go and deliver them to classroom 200 B'. And so I went there. Upon entering the room, I heard the sound of the key locking the door: somebody had locking me inside. I screamed but nobody came. And then came the night.
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Game Reviews

LV 1FoundAtMidnight(29 days ago)
Short? Yeah way too short and easy.
LV 5Geminate(28 days ago)
Very short and quite honestly it's easy. But kind of a cool concept.
LV 9moterthemomo(22 days ago)
it is fun but to short and easy
LV 14everYouth(18 days ago)
LV 1THEgreaseBALL(10 days ago)
You called for help, but nobody came.
LV 1SLenJay(23 days ago)
Really short though well made. This game was meant to be short though, which is actually really nice because I should be doing homework at the moment but lol nah
LV 1LettuceLeaf(5 days ago)