Schism is an text-based adventure game developed by Jeffrey Driver
Schism has been developed by Jeffrey Driver
As I approached the house, the silence and darkness were disquieting. The house was exactly as I remembered it. The fact that the house was dark struck me as unusual. It wasn't particularly late and besides, I'd done as instructed and arrived as soon as possible. I wasn't sure whether try the front door or see anyone was at the rear of the house.
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Game Reviews

It was a pretty good game to be honest. Also it was a little creepy with the sounds and it was pretty good made so i would suggest to play it but not if u dont like reading cause you have to read alot.
LV 6DaRedPandah(12 months ago)
I don't know if I'd call this a game. The story itself it interesting, albeit a bit slow. It wasn't very scary either.
LV 11savvypirate(12 months ago)
boring, slow and slightly cliche.
LV 5JazzieD(6 months ago)
It was good for being my first game played on here, the red creepy eyes in the windows certainty gave me the goosebumps
LV 1psych0delicc(5 months ago)
I really enjoyed the game! The atmosphere was creepy and the sound was okay. The story was very nice! I also like the red eyes in the windows, even more creepy.
LV 1MissMasquerade(3 months ago)
rate-3 i actually found this text base game different form the others
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(6 months ago)
hhhhmm good one
LV 1keko(8 months ago)
For a text based horror game I kinda liked it, but not my type of game.
LV 7VonSon(10 months ago)
this game erm??? my nan can make a better games then this
LV 1PIandNICK(5 months ago)
While quite good the only flaw is the house itself, being too modern and unscary.
LV 5Geminate(11 months ago)