In the House of my Brother

In the House of my Brother is an disturbing text-based adventure game developed by SeedBolt Studios
In the House of my Brother has been developed by SeedBolt Studios
`Grab my hand`...`grab my hand`...`Come out of the darkness`...and you are home. You peer into the darkness, confused...disoriented...scared. You whisper, `Who are you?` `Shh...mom's nearby...somewhere`. The voice trails off. After a time, you whisper again, `Who are you?`. `I'm your brother...your twin brother`. Darkness swarms around his words. You cannot see him, or remember him. You cannot even remember...`Who I am?...`
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Game Reviews

Good but predictable.
Honestly, not bad but not good either
A niche game with a very terrifying story. It's been a while since I've played such a game.
Each person you choose has a different story and ending.