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Classic Zork Trilogy is a the free version of the classic zork trilogy game developed by  and playable on GameShed.comClassic Zork Trilogy adventure puzzleThe Zork trilogy is a collection of classic text adventure games produced by Info...14.54
You Find Yourself In A Room is a  developed by Eli Piilonen & David Carney and playable on GameShed.comYou Find Yourself In A Roompuzzle creepy escapeby Eli Piilonen - An original text based adventure game made by Eli Piilonen. Use your ...14.52
A Small Talk is a post-apocalyptic text-based game with creepy atmosphere developed by ScriptWelder and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.A Small Talksci fi creepy escapeby ScriptWelder - A nuclear conflict brake out and the World has been destroyed. You, w...14.50
Mutant Uprising is a text-based game with zombies developed by GP Studios and playable on GameShed.comMutant Uprisingscary zombie horrorby GP Studios - A deadly disease has turned most of the population into hideous mutants...14.43
Dead Frontier Outbreak 2 is a  developed by JaggedBladeSoftware and playable on GameShed.comDead Frontier Outbreak 2zombie doomsdayby JaggedBladeSoftware - Here comes the second part of the popular horror game Dead Fro...14.30
The Sagittarian is a  developed by Hyptosis and playable on GameShed.comThe Sagittarianzombie doomsdayby Hyptosis - Make the right decisions to survive the zombie apocalypse. This horror ty...14.28
Unholy Flesh is a text-based adventure game with creepy story and atmosphere developed by Milcho Milchev & Martin Dimitrov and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.Unholy Fleshscary adventureby Milcho Milchev - You awake suddenly. Your head throbs with pain. It appears that you...14.10
The Sound of Darkness is a text based horror adventure game developed by The Bowtie Boss and playable on GameShed.comThe Sound of Darknessscary adventureby The Bowtie Boss - You awake to the sound of darkness. Until the point, you didn't th...14.07
Wizards Notebook is a  developed by TurtleSoup and playable on GameShed.comWizards Notebookpuzzle by TurtleSoup - The Wizard's Notebook is a mix of typing, puzzle and platform game! Use...13.68
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