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You Find Yourself In A Room is a  developed by Eli Piilonen & David Carney and playable on GameShed.comYou Find Yourself In A Roompuzzlecreepyby Eli Piilonen - An original text based adventure game made by Eli Piilonen. Use your keyboard to enter commands. Use your brain to demonstrate that you’re more existentially valuable than a robot with skin. 14.57
Gods Will Be Watching is a survival point and click adventure game with challening puzzles developed by Deconstructeam and playable on GameShed.comGods Will Be Watchingadventurepuzzleby Deconstructeam - Help Sergent Burden and his crew survive on the arid fields of Sineicos. Overcome famine, cold, madness, and repair their Radio Station to send a message to the Orbital Convoy which w...14.53
A Small Talk is a post-apocalyptic text-based game with creepy atmosphere developed by ScriptWelder and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.A Small Talksci ficreepyby ScriptWelder - A nuclear conflict brake out and the World has been destroyed. You, with some other survivors, were selected by the government and placed in a secure underground shelter. After years of...14.52badges (2)
Survival Horror: Interactive Fiction is a text based horror game with scary elements developed by Joe Aaron Sellers and playable on GameShed.comSurvival Horror: Interactive Fictionscaryzombiecreepyby Joe Aaron Sellers - The floor is cold. You wake up, but cannot remember what happened. You reach into your backpack, but it is empty. Your canteen is missing. It is not safe here, not anywhere but bac...14.47
Mutant Uprising is a text-based game with zombies developed by GP Studios and playable on GameShed.comMutant Uprisingscaryzombiehorrorby GP Studios - A deadly disease has turned most of the population into hideous mutants. Can you survive?14.43
Classic Zork Trilogy is a the free version of the classic zork trilogy game developed by  and playable on GameShed.comClassic Zork TrilogyadventurepuzzleThe Zork trilogy is a collection of classic text adventure games produced by Infocom in the 1980s. You can play the series in any order, although the games become progressively harder. To...14.32
The Sagittarian is a  developed by Hyptosis and playable on GameShed.comThe Sagittarianzombiedoomsdayby Hyptosis - Make the right decisions to survive the zombie apocalypse. This horror type game is creepy and sneaky so make sure the lights are off and music on.14.31
Dead Frontier Outbreak 2 is a  developed by JaggedBladeSoftware and playable on GameShed.comDead Frontier Outbreak 2zombiedoomsdayby JaggedBladeSoftware - Here comes the second part of the popular horror game Dead Frontier Outbreak. The story follows the same man as before, as he searches a ruined city for supplies and desperately ...14.30
Unholy Flesh is a text-based adventure game with creepy story and atmosphere developed by Milcho Milchev & Martin Dimitrov and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.Unholy Fleshscaryadventureby Milcho Milchev - You awake suddenly. Your head throbs with pain. It appears that you are in some sort of bedchamber. A barred window barely reveals the messy interior. You get up. The thoughts in your...14.11badges (1)
The Sound of Darkness is a text based horror adventure game developed by The Bowtie Boss and playable on GameShed.comThe Sound of Darknessscaryadventureby The Bowtie Boss - You awake to the sound of darkness. Until the point, you didn't think darkness made noise but the silence all around you was so stark, so piercing, so absolute, that the darkness fel...14.10
Wizards Notebook is a  developed by TurtleSoup and playable on GameShed.comWizards Notebookpuzzleby TurtleSoup - The Wizard's Notebook is a mix of typing, puzzle and platform game! Use arrows to jump'n'run and type words to draw or to knock up new elements.13.65
Back in the day is a text based retro adventure game developed by William Praat, Tristan Reimus, Ilona Reitsma, Jos Vrijdag, Thom Sip, Benjamin Lalleman & Jeroen vd Maarel and playable on GameShed.comBack in the dayadventurepuzzleby William Praat - An text-driven retro adventure game to cure your boredom. Help our retired hero get back into action.13.57
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