Immense Army

Immense Army is an button smasher type of game developed by Deqaf Studio
Immense Army has been developed by Deqaf Studio
Build a huge unstoppable army and defeat your enemies as you conquer new lands. Discover artifacts with passive bonuses, and click your way through trolls, knights, vampires and more. After each battle, some of the enemies will be held captive to work in your gold mines. You can adjust the tactics of your attacks to suit your style.
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Game Reviews

After Level 300 and Alot... ALOT of clicking the upgrade button, i got bored :D - 2500 barracks, and 1400 Mines ... i wish i could skip all levels i could beat anyway : / heres a link to my archivements Link: puu.sh/kgOrp/77de6fbaf7.jpg
LV 3Jerimis(3 years ago)
Click power is REALLY too much, you can spam it a lot and it deals tons of damage
LV 4Mycroft00(3 years ago)
Knights with tons of hp + click damage + town hall = Mouse broken but game won in 20 minutes
LV 4Mycroft00(3 years ago)