Glissaria, a freeware game developed by Lee Miller
Glissaria has been developed by Lee Miller, Jonathan Ampiaw & Kevin Macleod
Help Prince Trey to prevent the onslaught of monsters from reaching Glisarria by building towers. Collect resources, build and upgrade towers, collect and equip weapons and armor, gather magical stones to power up your towers.
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Game Reviews

LV 1(7 years ago)
no points yet X_X 2nd.
LV 4Jazz(7 years ago)
I like it!! And 3rd. :P
LV 4Xzerodoll(6 years ago)
this game is so dodge ram hard! and those muscle man things they're some sad bass other truckers... decided to play the first level on "endless" mode to give myself a break from the challenges of the last level (which I cannot beat) and for some reason endlessly playing the first level is more challenging than playing the last level for a short amount of time. I don't know whose idea that was but that's not right... anyway I rated this like a 3. it was a good game, but the difficulty outweighs the funness.
LV 8fantabulousk(4 years ago)