Balloon Invasion

Balloon Invasion, a freeware game developed by GameInABottle
Balloon Invasion has been developed by GameInABottle
You are the commander of the anti-air defense in the area. In each battle, you have direct control over a 88 mm flak. Your goal is to destroy every upcoming balloon. If your main flak is destroyed, the battle is lost.

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Game Reviews

So freakin addicting...
Very well conceived and put together all around very fun game.
yay i beat it and i placed 13th for this month in the leader boards sweet.
Austin aldrige be friends I d i o t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at the way it look it seems to be the dumbiest game of all games clear that those who play this game void.
send this on 5 game comments then log off then log on then press f5 u will have 1000 points