Game Reviews

Looks like the mafia stick thing i forgot its name the 3 guys i bet this is nice also anyways answer me what is that 3 guys mafia game
looks like a copy of sift heads and JPRV47 is this what you were trying to say ?
Its great it pretty realistic for a stick game, i loved it
This is actually the most realistic stick figure sniper game I've ever played! Awesome game. And sorta challenging. I like that.
sick game, thumbs up if you got all the stars on all levels
i think that its a pretty well made game... there is somethings i would change but all-in-all a good game
Can't play past Borneo. 1 Star. Crappy game.
One of the best sniping games since Shift Heads came out!
Hella dope game.
good but add movement
yes thanks now i remembered that game
There aren't that many good sniper flash games, but this one is the bomb. The gameplay is fun and the voice acting is also pretty good for a flash game. I also like that there are new weapons to unlock and the challenges add a lot of playing time to the game. 5/5