Henry: Infiltrating The Airship

Henry: Infiltrating The Airship is an the sequel to the popular Henry the Stickman game series developed by PuffballsUnited
Henry: Infiltrating The Airship has been developed by PuffballsUnited
Henry, the infamous stick man is back. This time he must infiltrate into an airship and gather evidence against the crew. Complete this mission and the government might pardon your crimes.
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Game Reviews

Hey, why I'm the first?! This is a good game, I consider it as mini-game. Just an easy game! No sweat unless you're sweating.
LV 1DestructiveMan(2 years ago)
This game is great!!
LV 2RoyGamingz(1 year ago)
rate-5 got everything, so funny, different choices, even dialog just everything
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(6 months ago)
GO HENRY play his games there so awsome
LV 3ruby(27 days ago)